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Can Someone Explain The Correlation of Diet and Dry/Flaky Skin?

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So I've been doing very extensive research on this forum, especially noticing a trend with people who have successfully cleared their skin through holistic approaches: that dry/flaky skin + chappeed lips = acne.

Can someone give me a scientific reason of why bad diet/lifestyles correlate to dry skin?

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The flaky skin is called hyperkeratinization. (Hyper = Too much, Keratin= Skin).

Whatever activates our sebum glands to produce oil also activates our skin to regenerate WAY too fast. I definitely get chapped lips when I get acne.

As for the mechanics behind it, I'd love to know!

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My face is extremely flaky, my nose been the worst area but my cheeks and forehead arent to good either. I would love to know a reason for this as it can feel worse than the acne at times.

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Because of hyperkeratinization, I cannot hide my acne with makeup. If I put it on in the morning to hide a zit, that afernoon the entire top layer has peeled off with the makeup. Sometimes I feel like I have "dandruff of the skin."

I've been on Hydrochloric acid for a week now and it stopped the peeling skin by day two. My acne is completely gone today except for spots that need to heal.

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I used to have bad dry flaky skin, these are the things that helped:

- Eat lots of high purine meats (beef, lamb, sardines, etc.)

- Massive reduction in omega-6 fats, including most of the time no nuts or seeds. Other sources of omega-6 include almost all eggs, almost all chicken, peanut butter and all vegetable oils (olive oil, soybean oil, canola oil, etc.)

- Increase omega-3. Eat fish, take fish oil, cod liver oil.

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has anyone noticed their cheeks produce more oil then their chin and forehead? this is the only area i treat, ive never had a problem with my forehead and chin. im wondering if my cheeks are producing more oil because im treating them with bp and irritating them.

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