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Focusing on JOY through Accutane

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Hot :redface:

And yes, improvement! But you seemed to have had it mostly cleared up when you started the course.

Good luck!

I AGREE.. i cant wait for my skin to be beautiful once again... LOOKS LIKE YOUR DOING GREAT BTW! :D

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Day 36 Update

Hey guys! Thank you so much for the comments! I've been a little discouraged lately, and they've really cheered me up.

I guess my cyst was feeling lonely. Because, I've now got a new active on my earlobe. I would think that was a really weird place to break out, but I've had many, many pimples on my earlobes. I once got in an argument with someone because they were asking why I wasn't wearing earrings. I told them my ears weren't pierced. They proceeded to inform me that they could tell that my ears were pierced just from looking. Actually, I just had an active on both earlobes right where people's ears are pierced. But, I'd much rather take a pimple on my earlobe than inside of my ear. I used to get them inside my ears all the time, and they hurt so bad. It got to the point where I couldn't lay on my side because it would hurt so much to put pressure on it.

I can't decide if the cyst by my ear still counts as active or not. I have an old cyst on my cheek bone that's been sticking around for ages. I'm hoping it will eventually go away!

But, it's not this new active that's got me discouraged. My skin and I just haven't been getting along these past few days. My face seems to stay bright red most of the day. I look like I'm sunburned, even though I'm not. On top of that, my skin is so so so so so so sensitive. If anything brushes or rubs against my skin, I'm left in pain. It hurts so bad. The other night every time I turned over, trying to get comfortable so I could go to sleep, I would brush my face against my pillow. It hurt so bad! Wednesday, at the gym, my pants were rubbing against my legs, and it was just torture to do the last the minutes.

I thought my skin was dry before, but I was wrong. My face is so dry and flaky. I've put on multiple layers of moisturizer this morning, and it still is covered in little flakes. This is after covering my face with Aquaphor last night before I went to sleep.

Okay. I know I'm supposed to be focusing on joy throughout this whole experience of Accutane. I need to be thankful that I've been blessed with the opportunity to take Accutane. I need to be thankful that I haven't had an IB. I need to be thankful that my skin is a little less sensitive this morning.

I don't even know if sensitive is the right word to describe my skin at the moment. I just know it hurts if anything rubs against it. I don't even know why this started all of a sudden. I mean, I would expect it if I'd had my dosage increased, but nothing has changed except stopping antibiotics.

fel_han: Thank you so much! I'm in definite need of encouragement. I was on antibiotics (Duricef) before starting Accutane and through the first month of Accutane, and I think that accounted a lot for how much my skin has cleared up.

Princess: Thanks! I totally agree with you! I'd love to look in the mirror and actually be pleased with what I see. Looking back at the photo of my face from this summer, I can see that I actually have made a ton of progress. I guess I need to work on focusing on the progress I've made instead of the progress yet to have been made.

Jerichoa: Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by my log!

kernel.panic: Thank you! Your comment has really brightened my day!

carmelle: Thanks carmelle! I'd love for that wish to come true! I'd love not to constantly have to worry about my skin. Good luck to you, too!

PrettySpotty!: Thanks! I love reading other people's logs. It's great to know I'm not the only one going through this.

Sarah99: Congrats on finishing your second month! Time is really flying for me on Accutane. It seems like I just started a few days ago! Thanks for the compliment!

Coda73: Thank you so much! I've actually been eating healthier this week--trying to include more fruits in my diet. The cafeteria at my school used to be a lot more vegetarian/vegan friendly. At every meal, they had at least one if not two vegetarian entrees. But this school year, they've cut back on their choices. Sometimes, the only vegetarian option is soup/salad/sandwich. One of my good friends here is also a vegetarian. She asked one of the workers what the vegetarian option was that day. The lady told her potato soup. My friend responded that the potato soup had bacon in it. The lady just didn't get that you couldn't put bacon in something and call it vegetarian. My school does like to serve vegetarian sushi, though. However, I've never had the nerve to try it.

Just writing out all these responses has made me feel so much better! I am truly blessed, and I need to remember that. Thank you guys for all taking the time to read and comment on my log.

I guess I better get off her, I've got a discrete math test in 30 minutes.


P.S. I added a picture so you could see my cysts's new friend.



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Thanks for taking the time to visit my log :D

It seems like you're doing great. I'm exactly the same way you were during the first week, waiting for something extraordinary to happen to my face, but still nothing heh...

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holy crap! you skin looks amazing!! you said you wanted your redmarks to fade, but i hardly see any at all! damn i wish my skin looked like that after month 1. hope everything is going well!

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Good going! Your skin is beautiful.

Earlobe zits are some of the worst, in my opinion. They hurt so badly. I had one forming before I started my prednisone. Luckily, the prednisone made it shrink down within two days. My earring got stuck though... Hehe...

Good luck and stay strong! Your skin is looking wonderful. :)

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Wow your skin is amazing already! In fact it looked fine to me at the start lol. I wish i only had a small ear pimple to deal with right about now lol. I got mild acne too with the occasional cyst or two that pop up and im hoping accutane works this fast for me as well, you give me hope!!! Keep it up!!

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Reading all the comments about the earlobe zit is making me want one...I feel like I am not part of the secret lobe club or something! LMFAO Anywho your looking great and at least with it on your ear your hair should cover it.

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Thank you guys so much for your encouragement and comments!

Day 43 Update

I haven't had any new actives since my last update. My two hopefully dying cysts are still hanging around. I guess they'll eventually go away.

My face is no longer sensitive like in my last update, but my legs are. I was working out at the gym, and where my pants brushed up against my thighs on the treadclimber, hurt so bad. It even hurts for water to hit them.

I think the redness has decided to leave at least for a little while.

The rash/eczema, however, is back with a vengeance. It goes all the way from my wrist almost to my shoulder on BOTH ARMS. It doesn't itch or anything, so that's good. In fact, it doesn't really bother me. However, while sitting in class yesterday, I realized that I probably ought to do something about it since it was spreading like wildfire. People sitting next to me probably think I have some horrid disease since my arms are covered in little red dots. So, I put some hydrocortisone cream on my arms last night and this morning. The tube said that it worked for rashes and eczema, so I'm hoping it will do the trick.

This morning I was thinking about how blessed I have been on my Accutane course.

New actives since starting on January 8: 3

43 days divided by 3 actives = about one new active every two weeks. Now, I have had quite a few baby pimples. I'm the only one that would ever notice them. They just pop up for a few days and disappear. They don't get red or anything, so they're not a big deal at all.

I was worried that stopping antibiotics would cause an ib, but so far so good. This Sunday will be two weeks without antibiotics.

My skin on my face is still dry. The top of my nose is constantly covered in little flakes. Sometimes I don't even want to wash my face in the morning. So, I just put more moisturizer on. Accutane has definitely made me lazy!

My lips are still the Sahara. I guess I've been blessed in that they haven't cracked or started bleeding. However, they are constantly dry, and I probably apply aquaphor or carmex at least once an hour.

I have a really bad habit of picking and peeling the top layer of skin off my lips. I think I do it subconsciously without realizing that I'm doing it. Of course, once I start, I can't stop. I have to finish the job.

bounty: Thanks for visiting my log, too! It's so encouraging to read about other people's experiences and know that I'm not the only one going through this. Believe me, something will happen eventually, and it will be very exciting, whether it's good or bad.

KeepSmilingThrough: Thank you! I don't always feel that way, but looking back over pictures helps. I guess I forget how bad my acne really was when I started. I've made leaps and bounds of improvement. I just need to focus on that.

lets_dance: Thanks! Yeah, I mentioned something to a friend a few weeks ago about my red marks, and she was like what redmarks? I guess I'm just more critical of my skin than others. I focus on every tiny little imperfection. I have noticed that my red marks have become more indistinct since starting Accutane. I had two little ones on my cheek that I've been watching fade for ages. I looked in the mirror the other day and had trouble finding them. I guess that's a good problem to have!

headtrip_honey: Thanks for the encouragement! I picked at the earlobe zit a few days ago, and it's just a spot now. Somehow I feel like it's different to pick at a zit on your ear than a zit on your face. I guess I'm not as worried about it scarring???

Jerichoa: Thank you Jerichoa! I can't imagine dealing with earlobe zits and earrings. I've never had my ears pierced. My grandmother told me once that if God wanted me to have holes in my ears he would have put them there. I've always hesitated to get my ears pierced since hearing that. Glad to hear the prednisone is working for you!

kernel.panic: :)

JayQ: Thanks! I really like the quote in your signature. Hope your accutane course goes well!

demoiselle: Thank you! Good luck with your course! I've been keeping up with your log.

soccersweetie: Thanks for the encouragement. I'm really hoping that you're right!

PrettySpotty!: You're not really missing out on anything. :) Thanks for the compliment! I never wear my hair down, so I can't really hide my acne with my hair. That would be nice though. I wish I knew how to wear my hair different ways, but all I can seem to manage is a ponytail or halfup/halfdown, or whatever it's called.

Thanks guys! Your encouragement keeps me going! I can't imagine going through this journey without your support!



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AHHH - ECZEMA! Work of the devil, I say! :evil:

Alternatively, your skin is looking AWESOME! And did I mention that your eyes are exceptionally sparkly and pretty? Because they are.

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I agree. However, I've been slathering hydrocortisone cream on my arms, and they're definitely clearing up. I also used some random Aveeno Anti-Itch Cream on them this weekend. It was pink and definitely smelled like Vicks. But, my arms no longer look like I have a horrible contagious disease, so life is good.

kernel.panic: Thanks! I'm really shocked that I seem to have skipped the initial breakout. I just looked at your updated pic on your log. Congrats on the progress in such a short amount of time!

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Hey! Thanks for the comment!

I've been reading your log and comparing your photos. I think you're skins starting to look fantastic! I can't wait until accutane starts kicking in for me! I always get pimples inside my hear, near the pesky little folds that hurt!

When I went to get my blood drawn, the derm said my vein was tiny. I'm not really queazy when it comes to needles and blood, so i told her to just shove it in and see if anything comes out. She pricked me, pressed on my arm and crap, and like 1 drop of blood came out. I started laughing and told her to just try my other arm (inside of my elbow). Instead, she stabs me between my wrist and my elbow! Can we say ouch. But whatever, i watched her draw 2 viles of blood. I started thinking about all those vampire tv shows / movies, and selling my blood. :) Next day I had a fat bruise on the inside of my elbow as well.

Anywho,I'll definitely be checking your log often! goodluck on your course, can't wait to see your long term progress.

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Day 49 Update

I feel bad for not updating very frequently. I keep thinking of things that I'd like to share, but I never get around to writing a post. School is definitely keeping me busy! But in a few months, I'll be half-done!

I have no new actives to report, but I do have an inflamed blackhead to report. It makes a nice, pretty red spot to complement my cheek. It's not as bad today, though.

The blackheads on my nose are purging which is exciting! A few weeks ago, I experienced purging on my nose, but then it just stopped. I was really worried because my nose still had a lot of blackheads. Well, they're drying up again. I really wish the blackheads on my cheeks would follow suit. I have a few blackheads on my cheeks that have gotten a lot bigger, but they're still around. I'm ready for them to leave!

The rash on my arm cleared up nicely, but I think it may be coming back again. We'll see.

My skin decided to be ultra sensitive again, today. I had my hand resting on my face today during my midterm, and it was really painful!

My lips are still really dry! It's gotten to the point that if I wake up in the middle of the night, I reapply lip balm. Last night, I was changing purses to go somewhere. I just took the essentials-keys, phone, id, lip balm. It's bad when I consider carmex a necessity.

I don't know if this counts as joint pain or not--when I get up in the morning I have pain in my heels/ankles when I walk. However, it seems to go away as the day progresses. Strange...

fashionjunkie231: Thanks! I'm getting ready to have blood work again next week. Let's just say it's always an experience. The first time I had it done, when she couldn't find a vein, I started to wonder where they took blood from if they couldn't find a vein on the inside of your elbow. Now I know. That does sound rather painful!



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Thanks for the support! I went over your log, and I'm glad to see things are going well for you, I hope accutane will work that fast for me too.

I saw the pictures, your skin looks great!

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I think your looking fantastic!!! Don't let the "bad skin days" get you down! I always remind myself, my "bad skin days" now are already better than my bad skin days just a few months ago! You'll be clear in no time....

As for your ear zit.... I'll see that and raise you an eyelid zit :P lol oh ya ... it happened lol

Good luck!

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