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Apply 5.5% BP Cream all over face

1 Bactrim Pill


Occasionally wash with Rosaderm

Apply 0.3 Differen Gel all over face

1 Bactrim Pill

I am almost 21, and I've had acne since 12 or 13... the usual story. I've been going to the dermatologist for at least 3-4 years. I've gone through many many different prescribed products and the stuff I use now seems to work the best (maybe with a combination of getting older)

Anyway, I still get acne in random places, but my main concern is the dryness in my face and leftover red marks. Like many others, I am sometimes afraid to make any sort of facial expression for my skin might, and usually does, flake. I recently just read a little about AHA and I'm wondering if that's something I should incorporate into my regimen.

Another thing that I was thinking about... If AHA is so great, why doesn't my dermatologist say anything about it? (The place I go to has a bunch of dermatologist so I've gotten well over 5 opinions on my face, not one has talked about AHA)

Annnd another thing... My skin isn't really all that bad when compared to a lot of peoples, but also, it's not AMAZING either. I'd say out of a 10 point scale, 0 being no acne at all, right now I'd be at a... 3 or 4

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