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exersise sweat and acne

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i have a few questions about sweat and acne

i exercise allot and i'll definitally break a sweat every day

i was wondering what i should do when i sweat...

shower right after and re-apply some bp

just shower and dont put any more bp on

not shower at all and leave the bp that was on there

i dont think sweat itself causes acne (does it?)

but sweating probobly opens up pores to let bacteria in

what do you guys do after you work out?

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Someone asked that question before, and I know the response was to just splash your face with water, and then do what you normally do at night with bp. Don´t do it 3x a day, too much I think.

I splash too. I work out an hour a day. Hope that helps.

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btw, sweat doesn't cause acne (sorry, forgot to answer you!) It's different glands.

I used to think that it did because my acne started right after a basketball game, so I thought it was correlated. But I learned here that it wasn't. My face was red though.

Anywayzzzz, good luck!

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yea mine looks worse right after i play basketball (or any other sport) to... i guess its just from your glands being larger?

idk im no expert

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wow, do you write your posts in poem form? lol

anyway, i work out also and sweat. But I set it up so after i work out, i go home, drink a protein shake and then hit the shower. So i really dont worry about the sweat too much.

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haha yea i was looking at that to.. i was like wtf why did i put all those spaces in there

i guess when i think i hit the enter key ^ like that

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