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PanOxyl 5 Cream - Reactions

Hi All,

My acne history goes way back and I've tried every acne medication going.

2 years ago I was prescribed Ro-Accutane at 60mg per day. It totally cleared my skin and I was blemish free for 1.5 years - DEELIGHT!

Now my acne has returned and after being referred back to a dermatologist and put back on Doxy antibiotics (which I told them wouldn't work!) as a precautionary measure, I managed to get another referral for Ro-Accutane again. However, the dermatologist wouldn't prescribe me the drug for some reason :cry:

Instead, I've been prescribed Retin-A 0.01% gel for application at night and PanOxyl 5% cream for the morning.

The Retin-A gel is fine, I expected and am used to the peeling experience (!) alonside the slight stinging but the PanOxyl cream is causing some side effects:

If you imagine you've laid out in the sun all day with no sunscreen and got burned badly... You'd be pretty much right. My skin is blushed red all the time and has a continual burning sensation.

I've reduced the amount I've been using the cream but the symptoms don't fade.

Has anyone else experienced the same?

I expect a little discomfort with most acne meds but this seems to be a little too uncomfortable to be 'normal'...

Thanks for reading, looking forward to any replies :)


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I am prescribed to panoxyl 5 I have moderate acne and this product has worked extremely well for me all of my spots and blemishes cleared up in less than 2 days but It does dry out your skin and (if your skin is sensitive) it may make your skin turn red (which isn't so good if your going out with friend's haha) but use alot of moisturizer and you'll be fine good luck! :D

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