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Hey guys ive been on the regimen for just over a month now and have been using the full amount of BP for almost 2 weeks and i cant control how tight my face is.

Its not dry or flakey, just tight, so bad its at the point where im having trouble talking and eating now :(

I gave it time to see if my skin got used to this amount of BP but its not, what should i do?

I use jojoba oil and do daily exfoliation/masks with it but every time i open my mouth too wide my face just breaks out into flakes.

Any suggestions?

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I would suggest sticking to the Regimen without any exfoliation/masks at this point. You may be overdoing it. And you might have to decrease the amount of bp for now. You may have gone up to the full amount too quickly. You mentioned using jojoba oil but are you also using a good moisturizer?

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Hi Leebo I've been on the regimen for about three weeks now and up until a couple of days ago I could barely open my mouth to eat or drink! I searched the site for some help with the problem and found a really good post. They suggested applying a couple of drops of jojoba oil over your face just after you cleanse but before you apply the BP. I then apply my moisturiser at the end. Hope this helps!

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Thats the exfoliation/mask thing im doing. And it does help. I thought my moisturiser was good but maybe it wasnt, ive tried so many its silly. All of which have been recomended to me on Acne.org :(

Ive even tried using jojoba oil as a moisturiser but it doesnt help too much.

Ill try the jojoba oil before BP thing and see if that helps.

Thanks for your help guys :)

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At present im using Bulldog Male Grooming moisturiser, its a new one im trying out. Its all natural and gentle on the skin and so far i think its the best one ive used. For solving flakeyness atleast.

Ive tied E45, Olay, Vaseline moisturiser and countless others!

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I can completely sympathise with the frustration of trying out different products. Like I said I'm only three weeks into the regimen so it's still very much trial and error for me.

At the moment I'm just applying a thin layer of jojoba oil after cleansing, followed by about 1/3 finger of BP then lots of nivea soft intensive moistursing cream with jojoba oil and vitamin E. It seems to be working ok for now, but I might purchase some eucerin dry skin relief if the dryness gets worse as I increase the amount of BP. It's more expensive but a lot of people on these forums seem to really recommend it.

Good luck!

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