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Clear skin without harsh products??? No problem!

Hello its dermagurl

I'm a girl who used to have serious problems with acne. I mean, I had a good complexion, good color (no discoloration) but I did have acne.

You could say I have had it all whiteheads blackheads etc.

This is what I learned

Through all the painful acne and embarrassing blemishes, all you can think about is a new you with clear skin. You might be willing to use anything to clear ur skin. But understand this: skin is skin. Uv got to be nice to it!

This Dove soap for sensitive skin is great!!! I feel its best for combination skin because it really balances your skin out. Plus it doesnt include any harsh chemicals that damage your skin.

I started using this when I realized that basically all the cleansers I was using contained salycilic acid (sp?) or benzyl peroxide (sp?) Those chemicals sound so harmful I didnt want to use those things on my skin. I'm an all natural girl and i couldnt stand it. The cleansers didn't even help. It kind of made my skin oily believe it or not which sounds suspicious to me if those drying out chemicals are producing more sebum in my skin.

If you are one of those types who, like me, wants clear skin without a lot of harsh chemicals here are some products I recomend...

. Of course the dove bars

. Tea tree oil (good for oily skin because it kills bacteria)

. Aloe vera moisturizers (calms irritation while giving your skin a glow)

Basically anything hypoallergenic....

I want to be a future dermatologist so if you have any advice or things that u may think will help please reply ....thanks!

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