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Home Acne Remedies

Looking for quality home acne remedies that users have actually tested with success. Any information or tips would be appreciated :angel:


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There are so many home remedies so its up to you to try them and see which ones you like. Here is a list of the ones which i liked which you can look up if you like.

*aspirin mask for 15-30 mins

*baking soda exfoliation

*lemon mask all night

*diluted tea tree oil spot treatment

*bentonite clay mask/spot treatment

*steaming face

*egg whites oily skin mask

There are many more but these are the best for temporary results. NOT a cure at all though. :razz:

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I would try improving your diet and taking supplements, that isn't really a 'home' remedy but its a non-prescription approach thats helping me (zinc, niacin, fish oil and a lot of others)

to brighten your skin, if you dont have dry skin right now the egg white mask is great

i also like the aspirin/honey mask , at first it really helps but the results kind of die down after a while

a lot of people have tried apple cider vinegar, but i didn't get great results from it and it wore down my tooth enamel a little bit, i know this because when i was little i would scratch my teeth and it left marks but they went away as i got older, and now they are back

the oil cleansing method - I do this sometimes and I like the way it makes my skin feel and look, but doesnt help with breakouts

the problem with baking soda exfoliation is it has an alkaline pH and so it changes the pH of your skin, at least i think, so you would have to use a pH balancing toner with it, but its a very gentle form of exfoliation besides that

i dont suggest sea salt. i tried it and didn't have any success whatsoever

if you have moderate to severe acne, the home remedies probably won't cure acne. i've had more success with a mixture of vitamins, medicine, topical treatments and change in diet

good luck!

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