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Want to start regimen but confused!

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Ok so i want to start this regimen but i have a few questions. First off i have very mild acne...like a couple of pimples on either side of the cheek and some faint red/brown marks from the pimples that have been removed so i wanted to get rid of these marks and the pimples using the regimen.

I live in the UK so i'm going to be using products available to me and after reading some posts on here, i've come to a conclusion on the following:

Cleanser: Clean & Clear® Deep Action Refreshing Gel

BP: Duac 5%.

Moisturiser: Not sure about this, i was thinking of using "15% Glycolic Acid Detoxifying Gel" from bravuralondon but again not sure if i should be using AHA? If someone can recommend something else even?

Next thing i want to ask is, do you do the 3 steps [Wash/Medicate/Moisturise] twice a day, morning and evening?

Finally i wanted some information about exfoliating, many people recommend doing it but i only have little information on exfoliating. I've read that you can use AHA as a exfoliate but how do i go about doing it?

I mainly just want to get rid of the red/brown marks...all posts appreciated, thanks a lot!

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Next thing i want to ask is, do you do the 3 steps [Wash/Medicate/Moisturise] twice a day, morning and evening?

Twice a day, spaced approximately 12 hour apart. Ex: 8 PM before bed and 8 AM when you wake up.

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Don't use a moisturizer with AHA in it until you've been on The Regimen for at least a month and your skin has had a chance to adjust to the full dose of BP. Just use a regular moisturizer.

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