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Alright, so I have accumulated a few supplements and vitamins. Here is the list and a short description of each thing:

  • Wild Salmon Oil Complex

    EPA 180mg

    DHA 120mg

  • Zinc Gluconate 50mg:

    Time released over 6-8 hours

  • Vitamin D3 (1000IU)

    I am also taking:

  • Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg

Here is how I am taking these:

6:50 am:

2 Salmon oil supplements with breakfast

3:05 pm:

Vitamin D3 with food


Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg


2 Salmon oil supplements with supper


Zinc Gluconate 50mg with Green smoothie

-------------------------------------- Questions -------------------------------

I am looking to add Probiotic capsules to my regimen. The bottle says:

"To counteract antibiotics side effects: Take 2-3 capsules daily, 3 hours after antibiotics intake."

Does this mean I should take 3 at once 3 hours after taking doxycycline?

I am also looking to add Vitamin B6+B12 with folic acid. Wich contains 50mg of B6 and 125mcg of B12.

Please help me add these 2 to my regimen. When should I take them? and how many of each?

Also, please share any info you have. Thank you!

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Take two probiotics a day and make sure they are dairy free if you are lactose intolerant. I would take them with breakfast and dinner so one with your fish oil in the morn and one with your zinc at night.

As for the B's, it doesn't really matter so if your taking it once a day, take it with vitamin D.

Hope this helps and for hormonal acne maybe add a source of GLA (essential but overlooked omega 6). This includes borage/starflower oil or primrose oil for prostaglandins. Will also help balance your omega 3:6 ration.

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I second the recommendation for a GLA source; I prefer hemp oil, but primrose oil is good too. About 500mg of GLA is probably ideal, but some people take more with success. Making sure to take it with a fatty meal and a lecithin pill will maximize absorption.

You also might want to double your intake of D3; 1000 IU isn't very much. It should also be taken with a fatty meal if possible.

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Before I tried to combat hormonal acne, I would try a low-stomach acid product because it appears that low stomach acid is more of a cause of acne than hormones (although low stomach acid does mess with the hormones and make it appear that hormones are to blame).

All you do is buy a bottle of HCl at the health food store for $10 and take a pill with a meal. If you don't get a burning sensation, then you have low stomach acid. 50% of people in N. America have low stomach acid. Take the pills with each meal and within a week you'll see if that is the cause of your acne.

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