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I stopped taking vitamin A supplements after a bad experience with them last week. I started eating carrots (about 7 /day) and I've noticed a huge improvement in my skin over the course of a few days. I know they have loads of vitamin A (as beta carotene) but do you think someone can eat too much carrots?

please discuss...

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7 a day? Are you kidding? Yes you can eat too much, and 7 is too much. I get full just after one.

If you're eating that many carrots then you must be eating nothing else, meaning no junk, that might explain why your skin is better.

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Might try a sweet potato instead if you get tired of all those carrots. I like to stir fry bite size pieces of it in coconut oil with lots of yummy spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, etc (basically pumpkin pie spice). Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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The vitamin a from tablets and that of carrots and such are different!

I don't see a problem with this much beta carotene however i do see a problem with 7 carrots.

You need a bit of variety

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I should mention that they are rather small sized carrots (about 5 inches in length). I get some kind of allergic reaction to raw carrots so I boil them for about 10 minutes. I love them!!

How can you get "full" from only a carrot? They are a very low calorie veggie. Everyone is different I guess.

I will soon start mixing it up with sweet potatoes and other vegetables high in vit A. I eat a lot of broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, and melon everyday also.

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