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Is Jojoba oil supposed to have the consistency of... water?

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I just got my package. I ordered the stuff online after reading so much about how nice it works for your skin on this site.

But is it supposed to be all watery? I was expecting something a bit thicker, like how lotion is.

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Well, it is a liquid oil... It should be somewhat thicker than water. It seems to work best on damp skin. I apply it in the shower to a moistened face (from steam) and blot off any excess with a clean towel.

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Oh, how/where do you store it, by the way?

So you use it in the shower - does that mean you also keep it there, too?

Or is the stuff resilient to sunlight/temperature/etc., meaning that you can keep it anywhere?

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Keep it in a relatively dry, dark place. Storing it in hot, damp places can cause it to go rancid faster.

The jojoba oil page on danielkern.com specifically says, "Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store in the shower."

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It's not supposed to have the consistency of lotion... I've had a bottle in my house a couple years ago, I think I remember it being sort of watery. So yeah, you should be good :)

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