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I need help too (pics)

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Hi, I have been lingering here for ages and finally got the courage to post and upload pics. Please take a look at the gallery and let me know what one would call these scars. Any suggestions would be great. I can always upload more pics if necessary. smile.gif

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id say definitely try TCA cross... do a search on this site an get all the info on it you can, and find a good doc to do this for you.. your scars dont look bad at all! smile.gif hope that helps- caroline

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Hey, thanks for replying all of you. I agree, I would gladly take red marks over these things. I have had red marks and they have went away. I will be going to a derm here in a few weeks but I didn't want to go in there blind... it will be my first scar related visit to a derm.

Thanks again.

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Hey..I would def. try TCA cross if i were you....Ive done it and it has given me noticable improvement...Good luck...scars or not,you look like a pretty girl wink.gif

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I saw your pictures. Glycolic acid can help (at least your left cheek), if you are willing to wait some months. It's a gradual process. I would suggest you to keep having glycolic acid peels once a week for some months. When you are still having red skin, because of your last peel, don't try any new peels. However, I think the scars on your right cheek are deep. And a tip: never, never pop an acne blemish after a peel (it can make your skin to form a scar).

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