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sung ju

Should I Still Use Tretenoin?

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21 Male with moderate acne (Cheeks.mouth), few cysts and many yellowheads.

In Feb 09, i went to a dermatologist for my acne. She prescribed me Prascion (Face wash taken morning/night everyday), Doxycyclin (pill taken morning after meal), and Tretinoin (Retin-A generic cream).

I used it for 8 weeks, followed procedures almost fully. Skipped a day or two. After 8 weeks, I had a follow-up appointment. My acne had clear. All that remained was scars. She then prescribed me Duac (not sure if it was this) for spot treatment and told me i could stop using the regimen. So i stopped using them. 2-3 a week though, i used prascion, and used retin-a less. And none of the doxycycline.

In September, i broke out again. Went to dermatologist again in November (my first derm. moved and i got another one, who when i went there, rushed and really didn't take the time to talk to me). She then prescribed me Duac (taken morning and night), Differin (night) and doryx (taken morning). The prescriptions for theses are quite expensive $300 and they really make me feel uncomfortable.

My question is.....Should I go back using the first regimen b/c it worked. And the only reason I broke out is b/c i stopped using it? If I use it again, did i build up an immunity to it? Also, I would use Cetaphil facewash instead of the Prascion and use the tretinoin at night.

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