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My english is not very good so please bare with me. I have acne since i was in high school Sophmore year till now. At first it was only in the forehead, but slowy move to my nose then recently moved to my face. I notice after I graduate high school, my acne is becoming more severe. I tried many stuff to cure my acne but nothing works. I really want to know why acne is growing so much because I'm usually a very clean person. I like to keep everything clean... but WHY?!?! Im starting get to blackheads and watever papules and pustules are... i searched them in google image and yes my acne looks like these names.

here are some questions if these are the possible reason why im growing acne.


I work in the day time and go to class during night time... somewhat stressful when i get a lot of homework and tests


I stay up till 2am everyday because of homework... dont have time at day time because of work


No exercise at all after I graduate, its been a year... im gainning much weight


I'm not really happy right now because still live at home using parents car, house, food.. and im 19 right now... thats why I HAVE to work or else i few useless.. also many friends live so far away after graduate and im starting to feel lonely

here are stuff I tried curing my acne

1. I'm taking Vitamin A 10,000 IU and 50mg Zinc... 1 tablet every day for both

2. drinking 2 bottle of water everyday... 0.5liter each

3. I went to a Dermatologist, and he gave me names of cream, gel, and pills to use, and Ive been using them till now.. not much help for my acne at all tho

4. I apply aloevera on my face once a day and wash off after it dries up. (i have a lot of them in backyard)

5. starting to cut down my classes a little bit to stop the stress, but still growing acne

6. I change my pillow sheet every day.. yes every day.. i bought a lot lol

All these not helping, so please give me advice like.. What face wash to use? What cream or gel to use? also is sleeping at 2am-3am cause of acne?

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your English is good!

my advice is to read up here and see if you can find something that might work for you.

For many, Dan's BP cream is working wonders!

stress can be a factor, but in this world we live in, its hard to have no stress, you know what I mean?

just remember there are hundreds, if not thousands, here just like you!

jump in and start reading =)

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Stress from school and work probably isn't what's causing you're acne. You need to do your best to get 8 hours of sleep each night, eat healthy foods, and exercise. When you're sleeping your acne is healing much faster than when you are awake.

I think if you can afford to see a derm. then you should order 2 month supply of Acne.org regimen; cleaner, bp, and moisturizer (click store at the top of page). Use the regimen religiously (exactly how the website says to) and make time for it every morning and night. If you do these I think your acne will stop and heal in 2 or 3 months. Good luck.

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