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Greetings everyone.

I am not here to complain about my acne. Only one pimple has surfaced in the last two weeks, and it was really tiny. Rejoice...

I'm here mainly to give respect to Dan for offering all of his products virtually free (I don't consider spending 20-30$ on acne every month a big deal), along with a great community which offers a great deal of information.

I'm here to tell everyone about this site. Maybe it might work for them? Who knows...

*link edited out. Please refer to the board rules about promoting other websites*

I'm not a "board certified" dermatologist, nor do I have any idea of how incredible his products are. But as someone who knows about "acne products," I have to say that these products do not seem to be worth the amount of money this guy is requesting.

I feel as if he is taking advantage of the desperate. Will someone spend close to $300 to try a new product? While a lot of people will not be able to afford his services, there are plenty of people out there who can.

I'm here to say that acne.org is incredible, and clear skin should be free to anyone. My hat goes off to Dan.

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And just for some giggles...

Watch this. Seriously? Those are big cysts? That's called normal, beautiful skin to me.

I've seen one severe case in his testimonials section. Other than that, it makes me laugh to see all of these people with practically clear / healing skin.

I'm tired of seeing acne products created for widespread use, on a very unique population. I absolutely do not want to see any more money being wasted towards curing acne.

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I feel like it damages the skin heavily so i stopped. Nice for people who dont care about it. But for the ones who he helps and for the small prices: big up!

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Did you use Dan's products or something local to you?

I eventually intend to get off of BP to start experimenting, but not until a few more red marks subside..

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I think this person, prior to the treatment, had virtually clear skin. Am I being crazy?

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