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The Regimen and sensitive skin

okay so i've been struggling with acne for like 8 years and i've tried the Regimen last year with no results. I have very oily skin, which always led me to believe that a very powerful face wash and 10% BP was necessary. However, recently it occured to me that maybe i have really sensitive skin and it was those strong products that were making my skin worse. I switched to a very very gentle face wash for sensitive skin and saw IMMEDIATE results. I then decided to give the Regimen another try since i realized i was probably influencing the poor results with the face wash i was using. It's been about 2 weeks and i've seen pretty good results, although i just suffered a tiny break out a couple days ago. I was wondering if it matters that i have sensitive skin, with regards to the Regimen. Will the large amounts of BP applied to my face negatively affect my sensitive skin, even though the BP is only 2.5%? Would it be better to use a small/normal amount of BP for sensitive skin?

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Useing a generous amount of BP is the key to regime success; just make sure you've started with a small amount and slowly increase the dosage. Dryness and redness is normal to begin with as your skin becomes accustomed to the BP; just keep your skin well moisturised. You might find that you can keep yourself clear with a smaller amount that Dan recommends, but it is best to get yourself clear first before experimenting.

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