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Need help with acne and dry dry skin PLEASE!

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I've been on here a while and I've had acne for YEARSSSS. I've gone to derms all throughout my life and what not. I still have acne. I recently keep having bad breakouts in the same area of my face, but generally I break out all over my face. This winter my face has become exceptionally dry and flaky. However, it is still extremely oily as well my forehead always shines. But even after moisturizer my face is super dry and if I try to put make up on you can see all the "peely" dry skin I don't even want to go out in public! I have always only moisturized during the day, I usually just wash before bed, but since my skin has been SO dry I'm thinking I might need to moisturize at night as well. Does anyone know of a good night time moisturizer? The one I use during the day is Neutrogena and has spf. I obviously don't need sunscreen at night. Also, any other advice on controlling my acne while also taking care of this dry skin issue? I feel like I've tried everything. My derm gave me tazorac and aczone a few months ago, but the tazorac makes me SOOextremely dry and peely I stopped using it. I still spot treat with the aczone..o and also in attempt to help the dry skin I've been using more gentle washes including neutrogena fresh foaming wash and neutrogena extra gentle cleanser that says it "adds back moisture everytime you wash." Neither have really helped enough. So please...ADVICE!?!?!

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when i first had my face breaking out in all different spots i was put on like doxycycline and that helped with breakouts... then my face got worse (i have cystic acne) so they had me on bactrum and other things. i would maybe try talking about taking an oral medication for breakouts. as for dryness... i used to use the same moisturizer you are, but mine didnt help much either. tazorac and those prescribed i HATED, my face was so much dryer and red. but now, my derm had me sample clenia. i wash my face with clenia (you have to get it prescribed) and then moisturize with it as well. my face isnt one bit dry... if i dont use it, its nuts from my accutane. so maybe talk to your derm about that? the moisturizer is really like i wanna say difficult to rub in, if you didnt get it all in, it flakes lol but if you rub it in good it works wonders on your skin. i love it. plus i only have to use it in the morning and my face isnt dry all day long, i still do it at night for the acne... it makes my breakouts less red. good luck (=

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i have cystic acne and in some places my skin is very oil and in some places it is VERYYYYY dry and i know what you mean aboutthe make up thing bc my skin flakes under the make up and it looks so bad! anyways, what works for me to get rid of dry skin is an oatmeal mas. you make it at home and all it i is oatmeal and wat. leave it on for about 20-30 mins and go in the showerto rinse it off . it will leave your skin feeling so much better and it scrapes away all the dead skin so it isnt dry anymore. i know how embarrassing skin problems can be and how frustrating it is when it seems liek nothing works but please give this a try bc i know it works really well for me.

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try using something too make ur skin soft the softer it is the better it feels try exfoliating then when in shower use a moisturizing cream bar like caress both of that caress exfoliating new one bwash then wait three min then use a oil jojoba :dance::dance:

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