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Has anyone else had this before?

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I have a big (1cm x 1 cm) lump on my upper neck near my chin. The colour is a little bit dark and it only hurts a little bit. I can feel there is fluid in it (probably pus) and the skin ( or what ever it is ) under the pus is pretty hard. The skin around the lump is very hard and a bit swollen but the colour is still the same color as my skin and it doesnt really hurt. The i think it is only a little bit infected but not too infected. Anyone had this be4?

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Yeah, I get them from time to time, though mine are located more on the jaw bone than the neck. They have all gone away by themselves after time. Irritating it usually makes it just worse in my experience. I have no idea what causes them.

If you really think it is infected you migth want to go to a derm to get it taken care of.

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omg i have that too. but on my cheek.!

mine is like 2cm in diameter, skin colour, hard, 1mm raised, was around 3mm raised when it was at it's worst. it's been there for like a month already. i think it's just some bloody pus inside drying up. my guess is since the body's clearing it by absorbing it, it'll probably take a couple more weeks or months. :(

i'm so afraid it'll get infected and become all red and fat.

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