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2.5% does not exist in

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Hello, I want to get 2.5% but I can't find it. I live in Sweden

and the only ones I can find is 5% and 10%.

I can add that I have only been to the official website for drugs.

Anyone from Sweden that can help? Is 5% 2.5% in Europe? And vice-versa in NA?

Doubt it, but I don't think I will get on it if I have to start with 5%.

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You can use the 5% BP as is; just keep in mind that it'll be a bit more drying than a 2.5% BP would be.

From the FAQs:

Q: I can't get a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Can I use a higher concentration?

A: 2.5% is best. However, anything up to 5% should most likely be fine, albeit more drying and no more effective. Avoid 10% preparations which will over dry. One exception is when dealing with pimples on the back. The skin in this area is tough and may withstand 10% nicely. If you can find a 10% much cheaper, feel free to try it on the back.

So why not simply use less of a 10% solution? Through trial and error I have found this does not work. I do not know exactly why using more of a 2.5% solution works better. My educated guess would be that when you use more of the product, there is more available to be absorbed into the skin.

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