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Bacne regime thats not hard and works

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Hi All,

So here is my regieme that works,

1)Use Isocol rubbing alcohol on your back at night before bed after a shower ( or whenever you feel your skin is oily) I find using cotton pads (for makeup removal) is the easiest way. You can apply it liberaly and I find it dosent dry my skin out.

You should be able to find this at a super market, i buy a bottle of it from woolworths.

After it is dry, only takes 5 mins or so, you can use a product to hep with the scars, I personally use bio-oil.

2)Use a scrubbing pad of some sort in the shower to exfoliate, I also recommned a product call QV which is dermatologist recommended and easy to get from your local chemist. I wouldnt recommend doing it every day, maybe once every 2-3 days.

3)I highly recommend not consuming any dairy products. If you must, have very little and steer well clear of cheese. I found cheese to be the worst for my condition and if I had any (any at all) I would get bad break outs.

4) Cut down on strong wheat products, but I dont feel their is a need to cut it out completely. Things like wheat-bix that are particuarly strong in wheat I would avoid. I personally eat light-rye bread which is a mix of rye and wheat and is available everywhere (aldi, woolworths, coles etc..)

5)I also recommend taking viatmin supplements, I currently take a multi every day and a fish oil 3 times a day. Vitamin C, Zinc are also good to supplement with.

6) Something you may not have come across.. Avoid Freeze dried coffee aka instant coffee, ... i dont know whats in it or if its just how it is made, but every time I have freeze dried coffee (instant coffee) i get break outs.

Following these steps, I have completely cleared my skin, and it is very very rare for me to get a break out (usually when i get cravings for dairy ).


Avg Joe

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