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Product Suggestions - Accutane Users

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28 yr old female - cystic acne cheeks, neck

Hey hey - need some help! Starting the crazy (hopefully life changing) drug Jan 18th ... Cant tell you how many logs, blogs, websites, discussions etc I have had/viewed since my doc told me this was the way to go ... man oh man, Today was the worst, i almost jumped ship BUT im staying strong and at least giving it a shot... T minus 12 days to go! YIKES

ANYWAY!! Need some help with what you all are using as far as face moisturizers, face washes etc.

Right now im using Glytone to wash my face - putting acanya on in the am and using the proactiv green tea moisturizer before applying my make up ....and at night washing with Glytone, applying tazorac for 30 minutes then washing it off and then applying the proactiv green tea moisturizer. (speaking of which i need to go wash this stuff off my face!)

I know ill be starting a new topical regimen when I start the drug soooo I was hoping to get some ideas to ask my doctor about when I see her :) She SWEARS by the glytone and some other moisturizer (ultra light moisturizer dew cream) that at first i liked but i feel it was making me break out - it has beeswax in it and either im being paranoid or im reacting to it funny. the last week i went back to the green tea moisturizer and its not nearly as moisturizing but its a bit more calming. Since im using the Taz, my face is definitely dry, flaking, gross, hehe .... anyway.

Send me your suggestions PLEASE! - I almost bought some things today but figured i wouldn't waste ANY MORE MONEY til i asked this community first!

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