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Accutane Twice a Day??

Hi All: I just picked up and took my first prescription of Accutane. I swore my doc said take it once a day at the same time but the label says "take one capsule by mouth twice daily."

Most of the posts I have seen mentioned taking it once a day. Is this right?

It's 20 mg. per cap and I weigh 155 lbs. This is Claravis. I am Type I diabetic (insulin dependant since age 6) so the doc said she was starting out low.

I don't want to call the doctor because it has been a big ordeal even getting this prescription and I have had to call them daily. I also don't want to call the pharmacy and imply they did something wrong. I am sure it is right but I just wanted to inquire if other take it twice a day.

Thanks in advance.

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during my course I have had a couple different dosages and as a result have had different number of pills to take each month. I have tried taken them all at once and I have also split them up.. personally I don't think it really matters. The only thing that I do think matters is that you have to taken them with a fatty meal. If you can have two fatty meals during the day (meaning if you have a schedule that allows you to regularly eat at certain times) then go for it. For me personally, I just take all three of my pills after a big meal.. usually after breakfast or lunch.

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^Agree. My derm told me to take 2 pills 12h apart, but I decided it was better for me to just take 20mg once a day 'cause I kept forgetting taking the other pill in the evenings when I normally do not eat anything after 6PM.

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