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Determination: A Retin-A and Clindamycin Acne Log

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Hi, good to hear your acne is gone. Im 16 aswell and am going to see a doctor tommorow about my acne, so its possible ill be getting a retin-a prescription. It seems to have worked well for you and i have a few questions. How bad was your acne in the beggining? How noticable is the peeling, and should i use salicylic acid pad things from the beggining?

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I had mild-moderate acne, I'd say. I never had cysts, but I had a lot of pimples and whiteheads. The peeling wasn't really that noticeable unless I wore makeup, which is why I stopped wearing makeup for a while. It's also better if you don't rub your face, because that disturbs the flakes. The salicylic acid pads are really too harsh for using while your skin is on Retin-A, in my opinion. If you absolutely have to get rid of flakes, try using a washcloth gently or find a very gentle exfoliant that doesn't use walnut shell or apricot pit and use it carefully. Really, while on R-A the key is being gentle with everything and keeping moisturized.

Good luck!

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Day Two Hundred Thirty-Nine

So I had a minor chin breakout while I was clearing up again, and I'm still getting rid of those stupid forehead bumps, but it's fantastic. I've noticed that if I use RA a few more times than normal in a week, I'll get the peeling. Nothing some light exfoliation with my stuff from CVS or jojoba and gentle rubbing can't take care of, but it can still ruin a makeup application.

I don't really have much to update on, but I really love answering questions and giving what help I can so please comment if you want!

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I love your log and am so happy for you that your skin is now clear. I just reached day 35 of using RAM and my skin still has a few blemishes but mostly peeling/dryness. I miss being able to wear makeup :(.

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