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Simple Acne Treatment by a sufferer

I was recently discussing a mixture that I created on my own with my girlfriend, and she told me that I needed to tell other people about it. I am a 23 year old guy who since I was 14 have suffered from pretty consitant BAD acne. It especially took off when I climbed into later puberty and had the ability to grow a beard. I tried everything I could get over the counter and even a couple of prescriptions, nothing ever worked. It wasn't until recently after hearing about the two scientists who created Proactiv that I decided I had to try to make my own "serum". I mixed like a mad scientist and some things turned out horribly wrong, I dont suggest mixing at home! But one day I was in the acne isle at Wal mart and thought to myself what if I mix Oxy face wash with Exfoliating body wash? CHA CHING!! I bought a bottle of Oxy Maximum Strength and a bottle of Equate exfoliating body wash (both found at Wal mart, both about $8 together) and I went home and mixed the entire bottle of Oxy and 1/2 the bottle of Equate scrub in an old body wash pump bottle I had. Then I shook it really hard for about 30 seconds. To me this scrub has been revolutionary. I use it once a day applying it only one time during a shower and rinsing it immeadiately and my face is now totally clear. Moreover I am now able to grow a beard if I want to, which was impossible before. This treatment took about a month to see results from. but it is that only thing that has consistantly worked for me, and I used to have zits the size of quarters sometimes, EWW! I highly recommend doing this if you are a guy or girl who is just sick of dealing with it. I guess it works because you mix a very strong acne fighting face wash with a very mild but deep cleaning exfoliating wash. The nice thing about it is that it dosen't smell, you don't have to use it repeatedly, and (at least for me) it actually works, OHH and its cheap to mix. Hope someone gets some relief from this mix. Let me know.

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