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Do you think my acne will likely scar?

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Some history - my mom never had acne, father did as a teenager.... there are no scars on his face, though.

my brother has acne... it's not too bad, but he does have tiny indented scars on parts of his cheeks.

i had acne til the summer... in the summer i freaked out because i thought it was getting worse, and i ended up picking and prodding a LOT at my pimples... they eventually went away. and i had no scarring, just marks left behind.

I have now got similar pimples again... I'm NOT picking or prodding at them though, at all. they are taking a long time to go away though... (been here since around 2 weeks ago) :( I'm on the acne.org regimen so i am sure they'll be cleared up soon. BUT im afraid - what if they leave scars?

I don't know why I suddenly have this worry, but when I see people on this site talking about their scarring, it scares me! What if I end up scarring?? I'm doing my best not to touch my skin..

(what worries me the most - my brother has acne, but he doesn't even care that he has it, so he never touches his acne or picks at it. yet he STILL has some scarring on his face)

Help please :(

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Like you, I never used to worry about scars. Wooo boy...now I do.

It's really smart of you to stop picking. That has to be one of the worst things someone can do.

What kind of acne do you have anyway? Is it severe? Cysts?

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mercyunbound - No, it's not severe or cystic. It's actually not really that bad, and localized just on my cheek. There's a few small, healing pimples, and two or three larger ones that are healing too. It just looks kind of bad to the eye, but when I look in the mirror I can tell it's not as bad as I think... you know what I mean?

usacc - I'm not comfortable with posting pictures of my face on the internet, which is why I simply gave a description and some family history to see what my chances would be of maybe scarring.

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