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I am 34. I always had some pimples, but never needed to use a product for acne prone skin until a few months ago when my skin started to break out terribly. For 2 months I tried homeopathic pills, burdock root tea, and other herbs, internal blood cleaning with burdock, acupuncture, antibiotic gel/cream- Stievamicin, Diferin, Pantethine ( for more information, visit : ), LED Light Therapy, they all seemed to work for a while, but eventually the acne came back… stronger. I read at least three books on acne topic. The books helped a lot to understand the nature of my acne and find a solution that really worked for me. The solution was a combination of over the counter products (salicylic acid 2%, benzoyl peroxide 5%, and glycolic acid 10%) applied as follows:

Morning:1.Wash face with oil-free acne wash with 2% salicylic acid –(I use the one from Neutrogena);2. After ½ an hour, apply a 10% glycolic acid product (I use the Glycolic 10% Gentle Peel solution from Dermaglow);3. Apply a moisturizer (but nothing that contains ingredients of comedogenic nature);for a complete list, visit:

Evening:1.Wash face with oil-free acne wash with 2% salicylic acid; 2. Cool face for about 2 minutes with cold water or an ice cube (but don’t apply the ice directly on your face for longer than a few minutes);3. Immediately after, apply a benzoyl peroxide gel 5% (water based) – I use Panoxyl Aquagel from Stiefel. I keep the gel in the fridge for better results.

Important tips:1.Every step is crucially and equally important- so do not skip any of them. 2. Continue the regimen daily for at least 6 weeks. I started to see results after one week. 3. Don’t give up if your skin gets red/dry/irritated. Specialists confirm that desquamation is the key to open clogged pores.4. For inflammations, apply ice many times. It WORKS! Best of luck and Happy New Year to all!

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