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I'm scared outta my mind!

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So I was pretty chill my senior project was due next week on the 12th but I'm now told it's tomorrow and I'm absolutely NOT prepared. I can handle the fact I don't have a powerpoint/slideshow yet but what I'm scared of is talking for 15 minutes with everyone looking at me.

my voice gets so shakey and I forget everything when I'm in front of a huge group of people :cry:

and of course I'm breaking out again prolly due to all this stress! ugh...I don't know how tomorrow is going to be..

OH best part the person before me is doing her project on the same career as me and she's insanely gorgeous ><

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are you kidding me? it's only 8:43 pm..

P.S a wonderful way to prepare for college (All nighters)

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Manage to get your PowerPoint finished. Make sure you get a lot of slides in there. Sometimes with lots of facts, you can spend at least 3 mins on just 1 slide. 15 mins will be nothing if you do that.

Is the setting in computer lab or just a regular classroom? You can always sit on your teacher's desk and click with a mouse as you hide behind the screen. I do that because I also have a speech anxiety and it works fine. Use your slides to give you a hint on what to talk about next then you won't forget things.

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