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41 yr old female going on accutane/first time

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Any women over 35 that have taken accutane for the first time?

I start tomorrow. I'm having nightmares.

I know it's hormonal but then again so is younger acne. Mine isn't that bad. A few big painful ones that if I remember can tame with freezing. Not many blackheads. These pimple I get now seem totally different than the ones I used to get as a teenager. These are painful, flat and seem more blistery, leaving a flat scab! Weird. Feel like what I imagine shingles would feel like. I think it's a new strain of herpes IMHO. Anyway on to the normal acne, if there is such a thing.

My doc wants to put me on 40 mgs but I am active and I would like to continue my running WITH hair, I like my hair, and without coming out of this looking like I've aged 20 years. I'm going to ask for 20mgs and double up if the first two weeks isn't bad. Also concerned about IB. I am currently on erythromycin and plan on continuing taking it to avoid this. I wonder why some people get IB and some don't? There must be a reason.

I just want to know if us old ladies got through this with flying colors or if they all shriveled up. What your dosage was and for how long. Naturally side effects. Any advice?

Thanks if anyone could help me get a few minutes of shuteye tonight.

Happy New Year too! :pray:

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Hi! I am a female, almost 38 and just started accutane about two weeks ago. No, it's not my first time, but it's my first time in about 3 or 4 years. Yes, the acne I have now is way different than what i had five years ago, 10 years ago... and it's worse! I find it's all over my back and neck and it's actually EMBARASSING... I guess it's the age and the fact people must think I don't care about my skin; which I do - meticulously! Oh well... Well, as far as our age, I think it can actually be a good thing. Just think when we are clear we can get all those anti-aging skin creams now - a good excuse to go shopping and try out all the products. That's what i am looking forward to, taking care of my skin as a woman my age should - not by shopping in the teeny bopper aisle. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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P.S. You WON'T shrivel or look old. In fact, despite the dryness, you will find your skin "glows." That is because it's peeling back the layers, all the dullness our age group experiences, and showing more youthful skin. I find that out of the shower I put on some nice moisturizer and even with my makeup on, people have already commented that I look good. Yes, you may have some temporary and surface level tiny wrinkles, but what your skin is going thru is the same - unscientifically speaking of course - that women experience going thru doc office lactic and glycolic peels. So no, you'll have the opposite effect if you moisturize!

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I read in a beauty book that dry skin does not age you. The sun and juck food is what age you. So accutane is ok as long as you stay out of the sun. Good luck

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Good luck. I'm 41 too, and my derm just recommended accutane for the first time. I haven't decided yet. Trying solodyn first.

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Hi there- I'm 35 and my skin has been breaking out again for the past 6 months or so. I had teenage acne that Retin-A took care of easily. Then at 25-26 I started getting big pimples, especially on my chin. I took Accutane, don't remember the dose, but it cleared me up and I was acne free for years. My skin has never gone back to being as oily as it was before I took Accutane. The only side effects I had was dry hair and lips. I just pulled my hair back and didn't wash it very often. I'm wondering if I may be a candidate to take it again?? I'm struggling with my skin because I know there are so many people who have way worse acne than me but it's so upsetting to me. I'm almost 36, why am I dealing with this? Like someone mentioned earlier in this thread, I too take meticulous care of my skin. I'm starting to avoid going places because #1, I feel like I have to put on makeup to cover it up and #2, I'm embarrassed. I want to be strong and stop feeling sorry for myself but it's hard to do!

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Hey there,

I too am 41 and just started taking Accutane! :hifive:

I'm on day 9, how are you coping with it? i'm finding it ok for the moment but am having a few weird side effects.

- sore itchy forehead with a fine 'rash' developed from day 2

- REALLY itchy scalp kicked in on day 5 .....

- Peeing every 2hrs even during the night kicked in around day 6 (lack of sleep

might be the tane deal breaker…)

- my pee is luminous green....... :eh: umm... yes, well that kicked in around day 2... *shrugs*

My Skin isn’t drying out yet but as Black woman with dry skin (on my body) I moisturise with cocoa butter or E45 all the time so wouldn’t notice anyway.. I also haven’t got much of an appetite but that could be the extra litre of water im guzzling daily.

I'd never even been offered accutane and had to request it - it then took nearly 9 months for me to get an appointment with the Hospital Dermatologist; but now at least the deed is done and the (green)dye is cast. I'm currently in the midst of an initial breakout thats had me wrapping a pashmina around my neck and lower face in order to hide the huge, throbbing, bright red, topped with a 2mm whitehead beauty that erupted on my chin on day 7. It's currently trying to recruit a few surrounding white heads to manifest in its evil image :mad:

Trying my best to distract them all by dabbing with ACV then coating in soluble asprin paste (at night) As a last resort I broke out the clean&clear spot treatment gel this morning which seemed to help a bit too.

LOL at work yesterday someone asked me if I had a sore neck!

There I was thinking by covering my face in swathes of cloth and not moving very much (incase-the-pashmina-slipped-and-the-thing-on-my-chin-turned-some-innocent-bystander-into-a-pillar-of-salt ) I was being inconspicuous!

Forgot to mention the aloe vera gel totally got rid of the sore forehead and itchy scalp, I now moisturise with Aloe vera gel as my moisturisers sting.

Sorry for the waffling post im sleep deprived!!

God bless!

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Antibioticsboo and Custard...just wondering how it's going with the Accutane? Please give us an update.

Hey there,

I have a wedding to attend in May so was only here reading up on Alcohol whilst on Tane :redface: when I saw your post.

It's going ok thanks for asking, my face is really clearing up just a few papules & whiteheads hanging around - maybe 10 in total :dance: so I feel like im coming to the end of my IB at loooong last.

Well the side affects are so far the most annoying as firefighting those takes up most of the time.

I have dry, flakey, tender facial skin but Jojoba oil works well keeping the flakes at bay. Eyes so dry it feels and looks like I need sleep! My vision is fine though Thank God. The derm prescribed me Viscotears for the redness and dryness - one drop a day - YEAH RIGHT ;) without fail, every 15 mins or so i'm using Murine drops for dry tired eyes and every hr or so I have to use the Viscotears or risk swollen, sore, vampire red eyes.

I've only had one instance of extreme lip dryness/cracking at the side of my mouth and copious amounts of cocoa butter sorted that the same day. My lips can be fine and currently as I type are gorgeous.

However, should I make the mistake of not applying some kinda balm or cream EVERY 15 mins or so (I kid you not) the most horrendous transformation occurs.. just few seconds of tardiness is all it takes and once luscious lips become tight at which point its all over as thats when the cracking/peeling begins..

But fear not fellow ladies of TANE I discovered a secret weapon! Flexitol heel balm for dry feet(or hands) if you use it on your lips (a teeny amount) when they get to the tight pre-peeling stage within a few hrs you can gently rub that dry skin off with a tissue. :dance: you are then left with luscious lips once again.

Lesser side affects are the um.. bottom.... um.. discomfort when performing um.... certain bodily functions.... which Jojoba oil sorts out in a jiffy (Great stuff that jojoba oil) My green pee is caused by my Vit E tablet :rolleyes: and I am the proud owner of the attention span of a goldfish which has added about an hr to my normal working day :lol:

So far its STILL worth it!

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Hi Everyone,

I have just started my third round of accutane at age 44. The first two times I took it I was 30 years old. Looking back on it now I don't think my doctor had a clue as to how to prescribe it. At the time I weighed about 60 kilograms and she gave me 30 mg's a day for 3 months. It actually started to work within 3 days - No more oily skin or acne!. Within a month of being off of it my skin had reverted back to its original state. I went back to her and she gave me a second prescription for 30 mg's a day for 3 months again. This time it did nothing. Back then there was no internet so I couldn't research things myself. Everything I've since read leads me to believe that she gave me way to low of a dose for too short of a time. Anyway, this time my doctor has started me off with 30 mg's a day for 30 days and then 60 mg's a day for 4 or 5 months. Hopefully this time it works because if it doesn't I don't know what else to do.

I have been battling acne since I was 12 - a little depressing having it for over 30 years!. My skin is super oily and is starting to wrinkle and sag. Not exactly a pretty picture. I started the accutane 10 days ago and have already noticed a decrease in the oil. I definitely empathize with all you ladies (and gents) who have acne way beyond the teenage years. You keep waiting to outgrow it and it never happens. In my case it has gotten progressively worse over the last 5 years or so.

Good luck to you all.

PS - my lips are a little dry but not too bad. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good lightweight moisturizer and sunscreen? TIA

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I am 39. Been dealing with acne since I was 12. I also have sebaceous hyperplasia(started when I was 32) which is considerably worse than acne considering my age and the fact that they have to be burned off of my face every 6 months! FINALLY...Finally, I've found a derm who is sympathetic to my condition and will prescribe me accutane. Now, I'm still waiting 30 days for the ipledge program to process but I am SO excited. I am completely aware of all side effects and let me say there is nothing that scares me. I can deal with any side effects if it will give me a clear complexion. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever seen my skin clear. Sometimes, I may have a good skin day, but even then...scars. I did a $1000 profractional laser treatment in Dec. and it helped with my pore size and overall skin firmness, but really didn't help my deeper scars. I don't want any more scars! Now, thank God I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Accutane is not a permanent solution for my SH, but it will slow the oil glands down. I won't start my Accutane until May 12th, but I'll tell you how it goes then. Good Luck! I only wish I could have gotten this Rx in my 20's. I"d be spared a lifetime of pain.

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Thanks for the updates. I start my 2nd course of Accutane next week. This has been the longest 30 days of my life! Seems to be going SO slow. And I guess it doesn't help that my face is broken out so badly right now.

I can't wait to hear everyone's success stories!!

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These pimple I get now seem totally different than the ones I used to get as a teenager. These are painful, flat and seem more blistery, leaving a flat scab! Weird.

Are you sure you don't have rosacea? I don't know about the painful part, but my rosacea pimples were usually flat, except when they appeared on my nose. And they got scabby, but i think that was from attempting to treat them with BP. I don't remember exactly it was a long time ago. Now my diet mostly keeps my acne and rosacea under control and all I apply is aloe vera gel if I get a flare up from a day spent in the humidity and heat.

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Hey there,

Little update for anyone interested.. :cool:

The derm at the hospital reduced my doseage to 40mgs as the side effects on 60mgs were way too harsh... The swelling dryness and sensitivity of my eyes, split skin at the side of my eye!! swollen lips, flushing, sore and split skin around my unmentionables...... TOO MUCH!

But and it's a big but, currently I have NO ACNE not a pimple, not a zit and nothing new under the skin. :D

After my dosage was reduced it still felt like I needed to give my eyes the chance to heal, the hypersensitivity improved alittle but it didnt go away and I still looked like a boxer at the end of 12 rounds all day every day!! (which gets boring when your single and its springtime :angel: )

So Im currently on day 4 of giving my body a break (5 or 10 days of NO TANE i'll see how it goes) The derm gave me whats left of my entire prescription (3 month supply) and told me to come back for my final review once I'd completed the dose. *shrugs*

Day 4 of no tane... The eye swelling is vastly improved.. a slight breeze in my face isnt currently unbearable for my eyes, my unmentionables are comfortable again and the flushing stopped. I still have a fluffy cloud and tweety birds where my brain used to be but this week will be a good week!

STILL WORTH IT! yeah TANE :clap:

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The sun and juck food is what age you.

High GI meals and trans fats of any source, not just what most people consider junk food. Many commonly accepted home cooked meals people think are healthy, really aren't.

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