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The first thing that really helped

Hi everyone,

I've been following this forum for a while, just never posted before.

Basically I got this issue that some of you have - I used to be able to pick at my face, squeeze, etc, and it would heal up real fast and leave no long term marks... And this became a habit over the years. Now in the last few months, something happened and my skin became prone to scaring. Before I could do outrageous damage to my skin and it would still heal. Now, every little pimple can become a serious problem and potentially scar.. Anyway, I got some scars, nothing horrific, but still obvious... These scars caused me a lot of emotional misery..

Last week I got the dermaroller, and rolled 3 times, 1 day on, 2 days off... Not sure if I noticed much improvement (yes I know its too early to tell) also have been using some creams and stuff for the last month or two with no obvious success (hard to tell)

Today, I followed my intuition and did the following...

1) ground up rosehips in a coffee grinder - good amount... boiled about 5 mins

2) drank the tea. It was quite tasty

3) mixed the remaining rosehip mush with honey and cinammon to make a cream

4) put the cream on my face

5) after 20 mins or so, went to the sauna... There I put some more rosehip tea and another herbal tea on the rocks, to get some steam..

6) Took a shower, washed my face with sandalwood soap

7) went to the sauna again, counted about 250 drops of sweat from my face

8) went out into the snow, rubbed snow on my face for about 2 mins

9) rubbed my face with my hands.. some dead skin came off here and there

10 took a shower and applied the rosehip honey cream again

Then i spent about 2 hours doing stuff... Not really expecting much results or anything

The rosehips became dry and crusted over my face... Then I took a shower and went to walk my dog.

When I got back, I looked at my face, and it looks like the scars I have are FAR LESS VISIBLE then before. I am talking about shallow, rolling scars, darkish in color.

One of the scars that had persistently been reddish/pink for over 2 months became almost invisible. I couldn't believe it... It was as if I was wearing makeup or something.. The red spot was just gone.. And some of the other scars also looked far less red and smoother.. Now I don't know if this is just temporary, but WOW. I hope it is lasting though...

And my skin just feels smoother and tighter after this treatment.. Its seriously amazing.

Now I listed all the steps, how I did it.. Probably it was the cream that did it, but maybe the other steps helped? Good LUCK!

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Yeah... Weird... I think the combination of that mask, with its skin tightening properties and the cold from walking outside made the scars temporarily disappear.. Actually what it did was take away the redness. I realized if my marks weren't red, they would be virtually invisible, at least some of them.. Now some time has passed and I see the scars pretty much the same as before.. If any improvement, its only very very slight...

I almost thought it worked...

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