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Back Acne Scars, Dermarolling and other scar treatments

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Hi All,

About me:

I am a 24 year old Australian male. I have been suffering from severe acne on my back for the last 9 or so years and as such I have spent many years dodging swimming, or any activity that might involve my shirt coming off... Yeah, I wasn’t popular at school ...

In the last 18 months I have made significant progress in treating my acne and the acne scars. My scarring can also be described as severe, deep pockets, Ice Picks etc...

Authors note, readers suspicions:

I am not here to sell you anything, period. I am not promoting any individual product or trying to put u onto a specific clinic, I am only describing what I used and what success I had.

Why am I doing this?

With any luck I will be able to save someone from the many years of self loathing, depression, stress, anxiety etc... etc... that comes with severe acne. And perhaps help a few people along the way. Also their didn’t seem to be any reliable information on where to get a 'dermaroller' from when I was looking.

I am also hoping that this forum/post can be used to post other products or treatments that 1) work, 2) are not intrusive or very damaging, and 3) do not cost $$$$. Basically any treatments or products that anyone could get their hands on, preferably DIY at home based.


So after a few years I see a "specialist", the sessions cost $150 odd dollars and I see him a few times to only be told, "You need to go on Roaccutane, oh and by the way we need to take blood tests every couple of months to check your not being poisoned " ..... No Thanks!

Years later I find a good GP who specialises in dermatology. He sets me straight and puts me on minocycline. I have had good success with this product, and recently while slowly getting myself off the drug have discovered certain foods give me acne ( I can start another post on this if people are interested). This discovery has been a big milestone for me, and I no longer have to take minocyline and I don’t get Acne (if I watch what I eat)

So now I’m clear, and happy :), the scar treatment begins.


Speaking to my Specialist, he recommended dermabrassion... My GP believed that laser or anything like that probably wouldn’t help much and would cost too much...

Topical solution: Bio Oil -

I have been using this product for the better part of a year, I put it on at night before bed. I have has significant improvement in the colour of my scars and I believe it has significantly helped with evening out my skin and making it look and feel better. I would recommend this to anyone, but please remember this is a slow process. Results won’t happen over night.


I have only just started (tonight actually), this type of treatment looks promising, I have done a fair bit of research and decided to take the plunge. For those of you that don’t know, this is skin kneedling, it promotes collagen to help repair your skin and the pin holes help the topical cream/oil get into your skin from a mere %4 to %1000. (happy to be corrected, just from what I can remember).

I bought the 1.5mm roller from www.dermarollers.com (the nova clinic), luckily they have an office in QLD and the product arrived to me within 3 working days. It cost me about $131.00 AUD. It is infact a "dr. roller", you can probably get this elsewhere, but at least you know it’s safe to order from this website, and you get a real product (not a fake) that works ... I think.... :S

What it feels like:

The instructions say to use some sort of numbing cream... On your back I don’t think this is necessary, sure its uncomfortable, but its ok... It kinda feels like someone is rubbing coarse sandpaper down your back with a pricking sensation, not pleasant or enjoyable, but bearable.

I will let you all know how it works out and what results I get. If anyone wants any more information or to ask questions, I will be checking this forum and my new email address regularly...

P.S. No, I don’t not have any before and after photos. I could provide some for the dermarolling, but like many of you, I would prefer to remain anonymous..... If there is enough people asking for something, I might be able to sum up enough courage to provide them...


Avg Joe

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Things went well after first treatment. Felt a bit sore that night, does feel like someone has had a go at you with sandpaper, but it was ok.

I dont have any side effects, no lumps, no lines, no acne. Will try an be a bit firmer on my next role.

It might just be my imagination but I think my scars have lightend up a bit. Looks better to me and that the important thing. Cant wait for the next role.

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