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Cyst acne gone for first time in years

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Cyst acne for me was one of the most impossible problems - they would appear out of nowhere, slowly push up painfully under my skin, I'd end up messing with it cuz I hate waiting for it to decide whether it'll go away on its own or come to a head, and I'd end up with inflamed red horrible looking skin and the cyst would usually come back. But of course, we all know that... Tried blue light, washes, spot treatments, differin, aczone, etc. I never tried accutane or extreme medical interventions because I suppose mine is more moderate than severe, but oh my gosh, I tried the origins mega mushroom face serum from the plantidote line (I got a free sample, it's essentially a month's supply) and I saw results in just a day or two!

IT ACTUALLY REMOVES THE REDNESS. My jaw dropped. I had a cyst coming in and getting red, I hadn't messed with it yet (the last cyst I've ever had since I started using the serum) and I put the serum on it, the next day, the redness was entirely gone. The bump was still there, but it was not visible and there was no pain or redness. I've used it so far for a week and a half and I haven't developed any new cystic acne, no new/different breakouts (because they use really really non-allergenic materials, all natural stuff that's tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists, no parabens, DEA, mineral oil, or animal products, etc). The mega mushroom mask also works really well - but the serum is a treatment you do regularly to keep the cysts from coming and helps make them go away. My skin is so redness/inflammation/cyst-free now I almost want to cry. At first I thought, "Mushrooms? Are you kidding me?" but oh...my....gosh....

ALL I'M SAYING IS JUST TRY A FREE SAMPLE. If the sample doesn't improve things in like a week or a week and a half (I saw results very fast) then don't bother with it, forget everything I said - but it's FREE and it could REVERSE the cysts! The product is kinda pricey if you do choose to buy it, but hey, it's cheaper than blue light or who knows what other experimental/scam/etc. type items are out there on the market. I wouldn't recommend it for people who have oil as their main problem, but I would definitely not tell you not to try it. This item wasn't on Acne.org (I have no clue why) so I wrote a review, but if you don't believe me just look around the internet or get a sample to see for yourself. Origins is easiest to find at Macy's, it's a line by Dr. Weil (a leading physician on integrative medicine). There are no strings attached to samples like a lot of weird internet things, no giving them your info or credit card or anything - just find their little corner at Macy's and ask the lady for one, she'll put it in a small container for you, and say "hope to see you again". Hopefully she will. I gotta add that it has a bit of a funky smell but I personally like it - it's neat and earthy.

*ALSO! I don't know if the serum will do this (cuz I started the serum a few days after I tried the mask) but the mask stung a little the first time I used it because my skin was kinda raw from the Differin (retinal containing) treatment I used to be doing - but it was just the first time - after that it feels fine and relaxing since I stopped the Differin altogether.

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