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i one time bleached my hair too soon after a recent hair dye...

my hair fell out.

i couldn't imagine one thing worse than my beautiful blonde hair falling out.

oh was i wrong.

does it get worse after cystic acne?

i used to be pretty and now i don't feel it.

i can tell by how my friends stare.

i dont want to see anyone from highschool anymore because theyre going to ask

"what happened"

sure my hair grew back and im skinny, but now my skin is going to be scarred forever.

ive had people ask what happend to my face.

one kid asked "oh you get punched??"

and he thought i lied to him when i told him no... i have a skin problem.

im a dancer... and now i perform embarrassed. SO embarrassed. i want to cry right now.

and if only this accutane would help me and not make it worse.

UGH does anyone else feel this way too?

and doesnt it suck when youre the only one with this problem out of the people you hang with?

i know i should try and not care about my looks, but we all know thats an important factor in having a normal life.

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sure my hair grew back and im skinny

You shouldn't put so much value into appearance. I know its hard, but when it comes down to it, we all change, get old, gain or lose weight. Appearance doesn't last forever.

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i bet your prettier than you think. Lots of people worrie about the way they look .Am sure once your skin skin is clear you will feel better I know cause it happened to me at high school .Just look after your self and you will feel better and look better eg healthyeating and execises.I know some people don,t and they look great but when they are older they look and act old. I know cause lot of people from my high school look terrible and i bet they feel it to. But we all know deep down that nice people seem more attractive and that includes guys as well So try and be a friendly parson and people will think you are nice in looks aswell as what inside. It really does show Good luck

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Acne doesn't change a beautiful person. You are beautiful with and without acne. And I can tell from your picture there that you are beautiful! I know how hard it is to believe otherwise. Ive spent the last 6-7 years telling myself that I am unattractive and that nobody likes the look of me. It's not true though. Ok so im no David Beckham, but im not ugly now and I wasn't when I had acne.

It's fantastic that you have something like dancing in your life. A focual point away from your acne. For me its been school, college and university that has kept me focused. I haven't let acne ruin my education and it has paid off. Try to use your dance as that focus away from acne. When people are watching you dance they aren't looking at your acne. They are there to watch you and your dancing. And they will be wowed when they see a confident and competant (and beautiful don't forget) dancer :)

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