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Is eating a lot bad?

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Is eating a lot bad in any way?

I ate tons of veggies and greens today with my chicken.

Can it be bad? All the stuff I ate is healthy and fits in my candida diet.

What made me think was the fasting thread... People who don't eat get clear...

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People who don't eat are also underweight, weak, pale and have many other problems.#

I eat like you, a lot of greens with chicken although i eat grains too as i don't have candida!

I have gained like 30 lbs eating a lot and my acne has never been better.

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Well, the theory of fasting is shutting down your digestive system so your body can "go to work" on other problems whilst detoxifying itslef. Eating a whole lot of greens shouldn't be a problem regardless since they are very easily digested.

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It sounds like you're eating very healthy so I wouldn't be worried.

You just want your digestive system to be working properly and your diet balanced. If you're that worried...just eat an apple before each meal and it will help absorb any of the bad stuff.

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What made me think was the fasting thread... People who don't eat get clear...

It's all about cycles.

The concept of cycles makes extremely sense and I'm applying it to everything in my life with great success. For example school, I cycle days of more studying, days of less studying and days of no studying; listening to my body and I have better results than when following a fixed daily schedule.

I'm now trying to listen to my body to determine when the effect of something is fading and hence a new active cycle after a passive cycle must begin. For example with exercise I know workout when I feel like it and then listen to my body waiting for the moment the effect of my previous workout fades and my body craves more exercise. Sometimes this results in three workouts in a week and sometimes in just one workout a week. I'm following this cyclic non-scheduled approach with every hobby and interest of mine and because of this I'm a better learner, memorizer, observer and so on.

With eating the concept of "interval eating" makes even more sense, while scheduled eating makes none. It's really so common sense that I can't believe so few people have thought about it.

I got the idea from an old healthy french man who said to me that he lost a lot of weight and stayed lean by simply skipping breakfast when he was gaining weight. The variation to this simple idea are numerous: eating healthy every other, eating just veggies at breakfast and lunch and a big dinner, skipping dinner, not eating from dinner to dinner once a week, eating clean for a week and more freely the next week, eating more calories one day and less calories the next.

What makes sense is that being fit and healthy shouldn't be a full time job, it shold be simple and flexible enough so that you can enjoy life without excessive restrictions, which on the long run is going to cause more problems (i.e. stress) than whatever junk food. Otherwise you always have this paradox that the healthy people that should enjoy life the most and devoting their time to thriving and living at its fullest are actually too busy trying to being healthy for that and the unhealthy ones have actually more interested existences and less stress.

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