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Instead of Everyday minerals!

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Regards to everyone,I m a newbie with mild to moderate acne and these boards are a treasure!

I ve been using liquid foundation for years but i figured lately it may have caused my breakouts :redface:

after reading your wonderfull reviews wanted to try switching to everyday minerals which have so many supporters but to my dissapointment they dont ship to my country :( (i m from greece)

Does any one have some other favored brand which is similar to this?

i ve read some good reviews about :

aromaleigh (do ship here!)

Jane Iredale (not sure where to find)

elisabeth arden

lily lolo

Does anyone use Avon Mineral Makeup?Mac's loose or loreal mineral powder?

ANY recommendations will help me!want to get in the powder world :redface:

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I use Lily Lolo, and atleast they deliver to Greece. I've also ordered some things from coastal scents. I just checked, and they too deliver to Greece.

Lily is slightly more expensive, yet I tend to order from them as I'm used to Lily.

I wouldn't use the L'Oreal mineral products, as they aren't pure mineral products. You can check the list of ingredients: the shorter the list, the "purer" the product. Can't speak of the MAC or Avon, as I've never actually come across those two brands in local shops!

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I'm currently using Silk Naturals (www.silknaturals.com). You get a coloured powder in your undertone and a white base, and you mix your perfect shade yourself - this definitely relieves worries about finding a foundation match online. They have original, medium and heavy coverage in their original silk formula, and a vegan formula which has light to medium coverage if you prefer not to use silk. Mixing the foundation is really easy, and although it looks light in the jar, it looks perfect on my skin. JenW, the colour expert on the forums, is great for helping you find your recipe.

I also have samples from adorned with Grace and Earthen Glow coming my way. I love the feel and look of SN, but I don't get enough coverage for me with their medium coverage. I have LOTS of acne scarring.

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thanks so much for your recommendations ladies i m checking out all the sites right now!

I m Tempted to try BE for starters which is easy to find in sephora while a deside which of the other brands is best to make an order from!

Hope it doesn't break me out :redface:

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