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Let's hope this is the first and last acne log I'll ever have

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I got my very first pimple when I was six years old and I probably haven't not had one on my face since the first grade.

In late elementary school I had terrible acne on my forehead, but by late middle school most of that had gone away and been replaced by constant moderate/severe acne on my chin. I don't get cysts too often but there are always plenty of postules.

I could swear that in high school it had almost subsided, but really only for a few months.

When I was younger I went on a few medications but to be honest I can't remember their names and I was never diligent with them. For the past year I've been very off-on with Acne Free and have seen absolutely no difference, but as you can see my effort didn't really earn clear skin! And I only just found out yesterday that my beloved Apricot Scrub is all a sham. I never felt clean in the shower unless I had serious exfoliation but it looks like I'll have to quit that.

So, long story short, I've had acne for forever but really never dedicated myself to getting rid of it for longer than a month. But now it's time to change. Time for the Regimen :) I'm sick of having to get all made up just to leave the house or even walk downstairs where my housemates can see me. I'm a junior in college now and though no one else cares about this I do care, and I want beautiful skin.

I set this topic up for myself (trying to create incentive to stick to it!) but do feel free to comment with any advice or anything! Maybe I'll put pictures up sometime.

Last night I kind of started by using Step 1 of Acne Free (cleanser), afterwards basically a Neutrogena mask product with BP, and then Step 2 of Acne Free. I know that's not the Regimen but I wanted to get started right away. When I woke up the acne I already had was pretty inflamed but I'm pretty sure that's because I just got back from a trip from Colorado (it's so dry out there and now I'm in Florida, wind chapped face + humidity change can't be good). I ran to CVS today and now have my products.

It also may be worth noting that I've been a vegetarian for three years, and have been on Ortho Evra for five years (I think it may have helped a bit).



January 4, 2010

Cleanse with Clean and Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash

BP with Neutogena On the Spot (I used a full finger full because I'd been using Acne Free for so long I figure it's fine)

Waited 10 minutes, then moisturized with Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture


As I moisturized I noticed that either the BP was kind of caked with the moisturizer or my skin was super flaky. I was being as gentle as possible but white stuff kinda kept developing at my chin, if that makes any sense.

Right now on my jaw line I have two postules with white heads, and on my chin I think a cyst forming and a few other postules. The right side of my chin doesn't have anything but plenty of red marks. Even when my skin is clear I have so much red scarring... ugh. Anyway! This is upbeat.

I'll post whenever there's something of note to say! That could be tomorrow or it could be a week from now.

Good luck to everyone out there!

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Hope it works for you! I'm using the regimen, too. :)

I'm using neutrogena's on-the-spot BP treatment too, but I've ordered the acne.org products and they should be here in a couple days... I don't really like the neutrogena one because when your face gets wet, it turns white. (like, when you sweat for example)

So I don't wear it to school because it also leaves a bit of a residue. I hope you get clear. :)

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