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saw my derm today!!

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guy was pretty chill. old army vet.

he gave me retin-a micro, i guess its accutane in topical form aye?

also beefed up my mino from 100 mg to 250 mg :D

and benzaclin.

so hopefully i'll be getting my good skin back.

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good luck! I wish you the best! if retin-a doesnt work try tazorac next. Ive been using it for about 4 weeks and im experiencing an IB now but it takes 12 weeks and ive heard some great things from other people.

I hope everything goes great for you - I know how tough it can be

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gah i should be at work right now x.x ive been sick for two days. eff this.

well the retin-a and benzaclin combo my derm has supplied me with has like stripped the top layer of my skin loll. he said it was a peeler but holy hell. its red and peeling like a muhhfudger lol. i suppose this is necessary to get my results. on a brighter note the zits i had were peeled away and reduced to flat spots, they are fading as well.

but fuck i dont like having dry red peely skin.

i think im gonna lay off the topicals for a couple days to get some moisture back in my skin ahhhh

god bless!

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I was prescribed the Retin-a about a year ago. I never did order it, but I used the sample my derm gave me, and it was amazing at how clear it got my skin.

I never filled the Retin-a because of the price!! 200 dollars was so not worth it for me. :(

I would love to see your results! Hope it works for you.

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Hmm I've never used retina a micro but hear that it works for most. Might wanna use it every other day or every few days til you get used to it. My skin never got dry but used to peel a bit when I had just started using Taz which is also a retinoid. Oh and just wanted to say that I love your signature Alvin. Chiodos is one of my favorite bands! Good Luck!

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