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Newbie after some advice please :)

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Hello everyone.

Hope you are all well.

Just a little question really and hope you guys can help to give me an indication of what I am dealing with.

I have always suffered with problem skin, but nothing too bad. The odd breakout throughout my teens and early twenties. Was prescribed Dianette in early twenties for contraception purposes and for skin clearing purposes which worked a treat but GP would only let me have it for 2 years because of risks of blood clots. I am now 29, was put on Cerazette oral contraceptive after giving birth to my daughter in 2007 but decided because of adverse side effects to take myself off it early last year (2009) since then I have not been taking any hormonal contracteptive for the first time really since being 17 and have started to notice some big changes with my skin. The first being bad breakouts of whiteheads around my chin. Saw GP who prescribed Duac gel which worked great for 12 months but then suddenly stopped working and I have noticed that my skin has become so oily. It's awful and drove me mad. I had been using face wipes before bed to remove my makeup and then washing with dove soap in the shower in the morning. By the middle of the morning I felt as though my makeup was sliding off my face and I was having to blot with tissue several times at work. It got worse or better depending on the time of the month. I changed my cleansing routine and started using an exfoliating antibacterial wipe before bed and washing with TZone face wash in the shower in the morning which seemed to help with the oil production and lessened it slightly but since then I have developed what I can only presume (by reading up on here ;) ) are papules. Just to clarify for you in case I am wrong, I have small red bumps over my cheeks, forehead and temples that are not pus filled or sore really, just a tad itchy throughout the day, does this sound like papular acne?

Any help or advice you guys can give me would be really appreciated as although I have never had what I call blemish free clear skin, I am now thinking that perhaps a trip to my GP is in order to get this sorted as it is starting to get me down. The redness is not as bad as some pictures I have seen but the texture is awful and the surface of my skin just looks so lumpy bumpy and unhealthy and it's starting to embarrass me. :ninja: I also have terrible spots across the top of my back and feel that by the end of the day my back is all oily and nasty :redface:

Am I best to see my GP and what should I expect her to do/prescribe?

Thanks so much in advance


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