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Retin-A micro users

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Hey guys, to make it quick im a 18 year old male thats been struggling with acne since i was about 16. I recently saw my derm around thanksgiving, she took one look at my face and gave me retin a-micro 0.04.....

Its been about 6 weeks in total since i started using RAM and my skin has improved but is far from being healed, I mean ive always had mild acne but its not clear yet...

So ive been reading up and i was considering stacking my RAM treatment with a daily dose of zinc/and fish oil but im not sure how my skin may react...is this a bad combo?

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It shouldn't bother you. I haven't had any problems with all the supplements I take. Just start out on a low dose to see how it affects you. Zinc makes me feel like puking. I can't take it on an empty stomach, and even with food sometimes I feel ill for a little while (20 min or so, then it goes away).

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Hi b-ran,

I agree with MilGirl, that combination shouldn't bother you. Though reactions are different in everybody, you really won't know how you respond to it - until you try it. I use a combination of supplements:

Multi vitamins

Evening Primrose oil

Fish oil

& Zinc

I take the other pills (excluding Zinc) for other reasons - but it's to demonstrate the combination I use along side Zinc. I don't have any reactions to it - I take them all in the morning, on an empty stomach as I find taking them after breakfast, makes me feel sick. I rarely eat in the morning though so that could account for the nausea lol. Gotta make sure I swallow the pill quickly, as I find it rapidly disintegrates and tastes like absolute crap haha.

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