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Switching back to the regimen

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I am a 14 year old with moderate acne. I had been on Dan's regimen for about two weeks, and then I stopped for about 12 days because first my skin was too dry, and second I was going on a vacation, and I didn't have time everyday to do the regimen, but my skin did get a little better in the two weeks that I was on the regimen. I am now considering switching back to the regimen because I started getting breakouts after I stopped the regimen, and I was wondering should I use the pea-sized amount or the full amount of BP? And would my face get extremely dry again like it did in the first week? And how long would it take for me to see results? By the way I think I can solve the dryness by adding drops of jojoba oil in my moisturizer.

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Moved to the Acne.org Regimen board.

Start again with the pea-sized amount. A good schedule to follow is:

-1st week: 1/4 of the full amount

-2nd week: 1/2 of the full amount

-3rd week: 3/4 of the full amount

-4th week: full amount

Some people need to take a little longer between increasing the amount of BP they're using, though, and that's okay, too. Don't rush it, though. Rushing it can lead to excessively dry and irritated skin. Just take things slow and give your skin time to adjust every time you increase the dose.

Adding jojoba oil to your moisturizer is a good plan, too. A lot of people find that doing so helps a great deal with the dryness that can happen early on.

Most people are staying clear by about their third month on The Regimen. Everybody's different, so some people clear up a little faster, and some may need a little longer, but I'd say it's reasonable to expect to see a significant change in your skin by the third month.

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