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How did you get rid of your red marks without going to the dermatologist?

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my skin is clear now, no more new zits. i just want to know how to get rid of the red marks without having to go to the dermatologist?

my derm wants me to get a laser treatment but f**k that! i knew someone who got one before and his face was a bloody scab. i don't want that to happen to my face :[

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I'm still in the process of getting mine cleared or at least somewhat unnoticeable, but one thing I've been using is Dan's AHA. You don't have to buy this one in particular being that there are tons of Aha products available, you just have to search for them. This one just happen to come in a large tube that would last you 2-3 months (maybe more) if you use it minimally. I keep a picture log for each month, and I've noticed that some of my marks shrunk and faded to a lighter color. They could either be healing naturally or the AHA had something to do with it. I believe the latter. :P If you're wary about putting chemicals on your face, you could try doing the baby brush exfoliation. Though both of these methods won't offer quick results as, say, a laser treatment would so you have to be patient.

( By the way, my derm didn't even mention anything about laser treatments when I went to my consultation two months ago. He just said to wait for my post acne marks to fade on their own.)

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the scabs is part of the healing. after they fall off you will have new, clear skin underneath and all your red marks will have vanished. laser is the best treatment for red marks. next best is chemical peels. but again there will be scabbing.

the only way to get rid of your marks quickly and give good results is to peel away current layer of damaged skin and let a new fresh one emerge which has no marks.

if you cant handle scabbing and recovery you will be stuck with red marks for a while

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I don't blame you. Lasers sound scary (although I'm not saying they're effective--i've read many success stories on the internet and this forum).

But, if you don't want to go to a dermatologist, I suggest doing a TCA peel (chemical peel). It's effective, takes about a week or so from you (for the healing process), and it refreshes your skin :) You're probably going to need more than just one treatment, but it's an effective alternative.

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