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A few questions

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I have a couple of questions which I need answered;

What kind of acne do I have?

Is it severe?

Does sex affect acne?

My theory so far on what acne I have is that it is Pyoderma Faciale, but I am a guy, and this can apparently only be found on women. My acne almost completely resembles that of the Pyoderma Faciale picture on this site. I am 16, if that helps you guys answer and have had this acne for about year and a bit. There are a few spots on my chest and back but they come and go, my face however, always has them. It started out with a few around my nose, but then spread like a fire all over my face. I don't really have any money for expensive creams over the internet, so I am just trying to change my lifestyle, which is actually quite healthy overall;

I only drink water

I shower often and wash my face often

I am active, I run and go to the gym

I eat well, sometimes I have junk, but not all the time

I am not a big drinker and I don't smoke

I do my best to keep my face away from things caked in bacteria

I read somewhere, something about the more sex you have, the more hormones you make, and as a teenager this causes your acne to get worse, or something along those lines. Anyway, I stopped having sex for about a week, and I noticed my face clearing a bit, maybe this was just my imagination. If needed, I can give a picture, but naturally, I am camera-shy due to acne.

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How would we know what you have? There are no professionals in this forum keep it in mind (no bashing or anything like that), sex doesn't seem to affect acne, but as always, you're your own witness so if it helps then don't do it (even though it's hard I believe o.o)

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