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Obtaining Accutane In OHIO ***PLEASE HELP***

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Ok, so have tried pretty much every medication that you can possibly to combat rosacea. You name it, I have put it in or on my body. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING. I believe that I have a legitimate case for trying low-dose accutane. However, even after arming myself with research reports, a list of all of the meds I've ever tried, and a deeply emotional display of how my rosacea has been affecting me, I have not been able to get a low dose of accutane prescribed to me. All of the dermatologists that I have been to see, about 10 so far (yeah, 10), are all adamantly opposed to prescribing it.

I look at all of the people on this forum that are able to try it and just start crying because I can't try it to even though I have a legitimate claim (seriously, I am crying as I type this). They all claim that it's too much work (but isn't it their JOB?!) or that my rosacea isn't bad enough (isn't that the same as telling someone they're not UGLY ENOUGH for treatment?). I don't know what to do at this point.

I live in central Ohio and I will travel anywhere in the state, yes I am that desperate, in order to get my hands on this drug. Does anyone know of a doctor or dermatologist in OH that is willing to prescribe low-dose accutane for rosacea? I don't know why I see so many people on here who are given the opportunity when I am constantly belittled and turned away. I know that doctors don't want to prescribe accutane to young women like myself because of the risk of birth defects. However, my self esteem is so low that I will seriously never even sex until my rosacea is gone so they don't even have to worry. I feel so hopeless and desperate for a cure, please help.

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hey! i am from ohio, i live in north canton south of akron. i am on accutane and see a dermontologist in canton. i am not sure about the roscea and if my derm would prescribe accutane for that.

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