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Duac & Differin Questions

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My Dermatologist prescribed me Duac and Differin. She told me to use Duac every evening, and Differin a few nights a week, and to follow the following regimen:

1) Cleanse

2) Moisturize

3) Duac

4) Differin

Should I instead be using the medications before I moisturize, as in Dan's regimen? Also, since Differin no longer causes irritation, should I be using it every day in addition to the Duac?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I use Epiduo (similar to Differin - adapalene + BP) and Duac at night as well. However, my derm told me to use Epiduo first, wait a few minutes, and then spot treat with Duac. I think using both all over would be massively irritating. Plus, I think you'd want to use the retinoid first because it's exfoliating your skin ("pre-emptive," so to speak) and you probably don't want product blocking that process.

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i use duac but i on my moisturizer before duac so that mt skin can be moist .. i think u should mositurize before

I don't think this is right. The moisturizer would put a layer of product between your skin and Duac. That makes no sense to put it on first - you're impeding your own progress. Get a moisturizer that has SPF and put it on last, IMHO - it'll protect your skin and allow the medications to penetrate.

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