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Whitehead faster formation

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Ok i understand that a whitehead is formed when the trapped sebum and bacteria stays below the skin surface while your white blood cells attack it giving the inflammation of pimple. Which is the general text book definition.

My question is how does BP or in my case benzaclin make the whitehead come enlarged so much faster to the surface when on the pimple. It kills backteria so how does it keep getting larger?

Today i put some benzaclin on a nice red cyst today with no head about 4hours ago and the white head is getting larger by the min, ( i know gross) but i dont understand what makes it that way. I can feel the heat in it too like its pumping more toward the surface.

IF BP kills bacteria but whitehead forms from the bacteria trapped under then why would the whitehead all of a sudden get larger and larger once BP is applied to it within hours? Anyone?

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Good question. I've noticed this too. Perhaps the benzoyl is not getting inside the pimple to help kill the bacteria. Not sure why it speeds up whitehead formation and seems to make them larger though.

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Maybe the BP kills the infection and your skin can then force all the debris(pus) out. Like while your body is actively fighting the infection it remains under the skin, but once it is resolved and the inflammation reduces, your skin can expel it. It is getting larger because your skin is pushing all of it out (doesn't happen all at once so it seems like the pimple grows), not because it is producing more pus. Just my guess.

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