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I've used ProActiv off and on for 20 years. I didn't even start having acne until I was almost 20 and have had it ever since. I'm almost 40 now and it has surges that would rival any teenager in puberty.

ProActiv does work (for a while)-- and yes it dries you out and no one ever mentions this, but it bleaches and can ruin your clothes. The necks of shirts and my pillow cases and towels all get ruined when I'm using it. But it can get me clear-- but it doesn't last. Then I have to switch to something else.

I did order the Bruunhause a few years ago. I'm not sure what to say about it... I think it did work. I ordered it in one of those times that Proactiv had stopped working and I was in one of my works breakouts ever. It does tingle and feel like it's really doing something. It didn't blow my socks off or anything, but I guess I'd say it did work-- it was soooo expensive. I did pay $107 for it.

In the interim, I discovered Obagi-- which is also a multi-step process-- even more steps than ProActiv, and this stuff was amazing! I've never looked better. It completely evened out my skintone and got rid of all the acne. My skin was smooth and glowing and clear-- really clear. I mean people stop you on street to tell you your skins is incredible kind of clear. But this stuff is very expensive-- several hundred dollars per kit and/or approx. $40 for individual bottles if you buy them seperately, and the downside is that you absolutely, positively cannont be in the sun while you are using it. Your skin will get bright red and may blister.

So, since I live at the beach in the summer, when summertime came, I had to give it up. So, that's kind of a bummer plus it is so expensive.

But I'm desperate again. I was back to using ProActiv and Cetaphil wash (to balance the drying of ProActiv) and it was doing ok and all of the sudden, I've got pizza face again. I saw the Murad infomercial for the first time and was considering ordering it, but now these reviews don't sound promising either. And it sounds like the Acnexus is nothing great either.

Has anyone used the Acjuva? It sounds interesting. Any thoughts?

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I am using acjuva right now actually. Have been using it for about a month and a bit now. I love it! The three step program is very easy. I didn't experiance any "it gets worse before it will get better" either. I started noticing a difference in the glowiness, moisture and texture of my skin within a few washes. Obviously it has not completely stopped my breaking out, but has pretty much narrowed it down to just my lady week breakouts. Even that though, I used to get mega big red papules all over my face that would leave massive scars every month. During my last monthly I only got a few small pustules and that's it!

Worth a shot for sure.

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I had the same experience with Proactiv. It worked for about 2 years and then just made me breakout even worse than before. Anyway, I would definitely stay away from the Murad. There are just WAAAAAY too many negatives reviews on it. If all else fails, you can always just see a dermatologist too! ;)

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