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baby powder on the face

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even if it did, i mean, you got white powder on your face now. that's even worse imo. i'd prefer oil absorbing pads, inexpensive and does the job.

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I used to do that, and sometimes my face looked white lol.

But I bought some loose powder that is the color of my skin, and my face is shine-free.. all day!

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There are two kinds of baby powder: talcum powder or cornstarch based powders.

Talcum powder has long been thought to be very dangerous when inhaled, causing pneumonia or even granuloma, so I would NOT recommend using it on the face. There's conflicting research on this, but I'd hate to be on the wrong side of that argument.

A better option I would think would be to just purchase a translucent loose powder. There are many on the market, and there's actually a thread on the Cosmetics and Style page that lists several.

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I have very sensitive, very oily skin - and I mean OILY in the tee zone. I tried a light dusting for the past week. Here's what happened. I used medicated (Vitamin E and Zinc) Johnson's corn starch baby powder, mixed it with a tiny bit of medium toned face powder to tone down the whiteness, and it worked like a charm! My face stayed matte ALL day, no white coating, no made up look, the pores were less visible, and my stubborn pimples around my jaw went away - YAY! :)

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Well I started to use a cornstarch based baby powder on my face when I noticed a friend would use just the smallest residue in her hair to take out some of the shine from not washing everyday (trying to make a dye job last longer).

What I do is dab my brush in it and shake it off until it looks like its all gone - that's the trick to not looking like a ghost, you have to shake it really good until it looks like there's nothing left on the brush. There will be enough residual pwder left on the brush to do the job. And then you just DAB the brush on the parts of your face that need it. Don't "brush" or "rub" it in, just dab. I think it works pretty good for me and I'm a dark skinned gal. I don't use any other makeup powders either. I suppose you could use straight Cornstarch, but I haven't tried that yet.

Good luck.

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