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ok so, no my skin is not terrible. but it's bad enough for me to cry randomly sometimes b/c i just can't deal with it.

i have acne:

on my chin and nose.

rarely any on my cheeks, and rarely any on my forehead!


ive tried everythinggggggggggg otc and even retin-a-micro which just turned my face red even after 6 months of use.


i cant deal with it.

currently, i have 3 pimples on my nosee! and 3 on my chin!

then not to mention the 64873648743 blackheads all over my nose and the 43232 red spots.

i think ive tried so much to my skin that my nose is actually wrinkly..? if u know what i mean.

i do have oily skin but i keep it under control, and idk if thats why i have acne because my forehead is oily too and i dont have any pimples there or blackheads.

i dont know what its from!!!

currently i am using clinique acne solutions toner at night time and washing my face with cetaphil.

my skin is SO DRY. i continue to use the toner b/c i felt like it works but im not even sure! and im like afraid to use moisturizer b/c i am scared it will break me out.

do you know how bad it is to have acne on the nose? thats like the worst spot. right in the center of ur face. id rather have 6 pimples on my chin then 3 on my nose and 3 on chin.! i want my nose to be like my cheek or forehead with even skin...not looking like its been hit with an iron or something! i dont know what to do..ive come to the point where i feel like it would just be better to use one face soap thats gentle like marykay 3 in 1 and thats it! i dont know the cause, hence i dont know what to do about it. ughhh sorry for this vent but please anyone! respond!!!!!!!!!!


i dont know what to do!

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Aw, well don't worry! Have you dried Dan's AHA+? I think it's fantastic not only for red marks, but for acne too. It also smoothes out your skin tone in the long run. Additionally, have you tried any supplements?

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Hello. So I have never written on anything like this- but I have suffered from acne for about 8 years and feel I should offer insight and understanding where i can. I know how difficult it can be to deal with constant breakouts, I'm in my mid- twenties now and it's horribly embarrassing when it gets bad. Which it often, often does.

If I can offer any advice though- coming from someone who, like so many, has tried EVERYTHING- try Dan's products. Use them exactly as he says and I think you'll be pleased. You have to be patient, but for the first time in so many years, I am seeing lasting results. It's one of the happiest things in my life right now, which only another ance sufferer would understand.

Give it a shot, this website knows what it's talking about and its a regime that just makes sense.

Good luck to you!

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thanks for replying guys.

ive tried niacin for a week or so...still on it..not sure if its working to help acne? 500 mg daily

and i also take 2400 fishoil a day...2 1200 pills..one in morn..one in night.

ive never tried aha but i feel an acid would just aggrivate my face more! like salycilic acid seems to do...and ive never tried dans regime or anything because i am sensitive to bp which seems to make me just substantially red.

these red marks are killing me guys!

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