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Just curious, can you REALLY load up on the BP?

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I'm thinking about getting started on the regimen soon and I was wondering that after your first 3 weeks or so and once your skin is used to the BP, in theory couldn't you be able to just put a huge amount on? I've seen a lot of Dan's videos and read a lot about the regimen and nowhere does he say that you can put "too much" BP on. On the contrary, he says the more the better! So does anyone have any experience when it comes to putting lets say 5+ pumps of BP instead of 2-3?

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Once you get to a certain point, it doesn't absorb as well, and you'd just be wasting BP. Plus you'd have to take a much longer time to gradually work your way up, and you'd risk over-drying and irritating your skin, which can actually lead to more breakouts.

Two pumps is more than enough for most people.

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i put a full pump on and it seems plenty. i can't imagine putting on anymore than two full pumps of bp on, it probably wouldn't soak in and you'd be walking around with visible BP on your face :P

dan also doesn't say anywhere to put 5 pumps of BP on, you'd probably just be wasting the bottle with no extra benefits.

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