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To All of you effected by Acne,

There is hope

I have been reading alot of the blogs on here, a few of them made me giggle, some made me sad, and some gave me an over whelming feeling of empathy.

In November 2008 I got a large, cyst-like spot on my chin. It wouldn't go, and typically, also refused to be covered. No amount of concealer would take away the beacon-red colour of it, nor the mount everest style lump that protruded from my face. It drove me insane, but I comforted myself with "it will be gone soon". I have suffered with spots since the age of about 19/20 (never when I was younger than that).

To my utter astonishment (and disappointment, lets be honest), just before my new "friend" shrunk and almost disappeared, up sprung another, and then another, and then another. These were all around my jaw/chin/mouth area. I couldn't figure out what was going. For a while, I let it continue, it wasn't jaw droppingly obvious (at least thats what I told myself), but I could have done without it, I had just gotten into a new relationship, and acne wasnt on the agenda.

By February, things had gotten much MUCH worse, the few lumps turned into many painful fire-engine red cysts that, with or without some form of treatment, were going no where. Aside from the vanity factor (i'm a 24 year old girl, give me a break ;) ) they hurt to high hell. It hurt to eat, to smile, to brush my teeth, to even gently clean my face.

I should also mention that over the years, I have been to my doctor on numerous occasions for some sort of help. She always refused me a referral to a dermatologist, told me I just had "a few spots", fair enough, at the age of 19/20, it WAS few spots, but it was a sure sign of things to come. I was certain that when I went to visit her with a bright red face with more bumps than a pleasuremax condom, she would refer me. I was wrong. She told me she was "certain i didn't have acne". I wouldnt accept this, and my GrandParents very kindly paid for me to go private. Two weeks later, I was in Harley Street, with a confirmed case of 'severe' cystic acne and a prescription for Roaccutane (Accutane, if you happen to be outside of the UK).

Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel, a possible cure to what had started to make my life a misery. Even now, when I speak to people about it, they say "i can understand how you must of felt" and I always say politely, but firmly, "No, until you have had acne, you have got no idea how awful you feel in your own, lumpy, painful, unsightly skin" and its true. How can anyone with normal skin possibly understand how it feels to feel like a prisoner in your own skin, covering your mouth when you talk to draw attention away, or avoiding social gatherings altogether.

That said, Roaccutane wasn't an easy ride. I would get headaches, backaches from time to time, it made my joints uncomfortable and affected my vision. And, without sharing too much information, a chronic bout of thrush which lasted throughout the course of the treatment.

The thing is, even if somebody had told me all of the those symptoms would have accompanyed me without fail for the entire duration, I still wouldn't have hesitated to take it.

FYI, I started on 40mg for my first month, and after a succesful blood test, I was bumped up to 80mg.

Anybody who tells you that your skin will get better straight away is either lucky or lying. A friend of mines skin started to improve straight away, my own took a couple of months, and even got worse before it got better. It will "purge" so to speak, and will bring ALL of those bad boys to the surface. Don't get downhearted, like I did. Don't compare yourself to other peoples progress with Accutane, everyones skin is different. My own skin started to improve in June 2009, as I left the UK for a holiday, i had one cyst left, just below my lip. I forgot about my skin for the week, and was overjoyed to find that on arrival back home, my skin was clear, the lump had gone, and there were no more in sight.

It was from then on that my skin didn't give me anymore problems. I was able to enjoy make up again, and, provided I exofoliated and moisturised (accutane dries you out), I was fine.

I finished my course in October 2009, and, touchwood, have had no further problems. I get the occasional pin-prick sized spot, but its nothing, in the grand scheme of things.

To all of you, just starting out with roaccutane, or feeling like you have been on it for years with nothing yet -DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! It will help you. I have attached some pictures below.



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more bumps than a pleasuremax condom

AHahaha.... I like that.

Lovely story.

I agree.

Congrats on a completed course. Yay yay yay.

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